The Best Monster Activities for Kids


Check out these fun monster activities for kids. These activities ideas are perfect for your Halloween theme or monster theme unit or lesson plans in your preschool classroom. Your students will love these monster learning activities.

Are you looking for some engaging activities for your monster theme unit or fun fall and Halloween lesson plans?  Today I am sharing a bunch of ideas for monster activities.  I think that you and your kiddos will enjoy these fun, silly activities.

Monster Activity Ideas

I think they will be a perfect addition to your Halloween theme lesson plans.

Monster Play Dough Activities

Create a monster-themed play dough tray using a wide variety of items.  Pipe cleaners, bottle caps, toothpicks, craft sticks…  I love searching around for fun materials to use. If your kids can’t share supplies, don’t worry.  You can use the ideas below to create individual playdough kits for your kids.

monster theme playdough activity tray for preschoolers

Above, I added some eye peeper rings and vampire teeth that I picked up at the Halloween shop at Target.  The hinged vampire teeth always wanted to open up, which destroyed our playdough designs.  To solve this problem, I cut the teeth in half at the hinge.

playdough monster activity with multiple eyes and fangs

The coils in the tray are the binding coils that I use for my binding machine.  I just cut the coils into small sections. Pretty silly, don’t you think?

Monster Themed Shape Activities

The next idea is to make monster creations from shapes. I found a great book of eye stickers at my local craft store and I have also seen similar ones at Oriental Trading. Cut out some shapes from brightly colored construction paper.  Then, kids can glue them down, add sticker eyes, and then they can complete their monster creations with crayons.

monster themed shape activity

This Feed the Monster Activities for Preschool set can be used to work on many different concepts…including learning to recognize shapes.

feed the monster activity game

Monster Color Sorting Activity

Kids love sorting monster eyeballs by color with this cute monster color sorting activity.

printable monster color and counting activity for preschoolers

Monster Fine Motor Activities

This fine motor activity was inspired by a monster that I saw on Pleasantest Thing.  Kids can create a monster by punching holes into a section of a paper towel tube.  Then they add pipe cleaners and binder coils through the holes.  The monster is completed with some silly sticker eyes.

Monster fine motor craft activity for kids with a paper towel roll

Do you want kids to create some truly innovative monsters?   Create a monster-themed tinker tray for them.  You can use any type of age-appropriate crafting materials in your monster tinker tray.  Mine includes paper towel tubes, craft noodles, bottle caps, binder coils, googly eyes, puffballs, toothpicks, craft sticks, yarn, washi tape, glue, scissors, and a hole punch.

build a monster activity tray - open-ended monster themed craft

Here are some additional monster-themed fine motor activities.

Monster Letter Practice

Use a monster finger to practice letter tracing in a salt tray.  Kids can also get letter practice with slime.  They can use the monster finger to trace letters into a blob of slime.

monster letter practice activity for kids

Monster Books for Kids

Are you looking for some great monster theme books to use during circle time or to add to your class library?  Click on the image below to find a list of my favorite monster books for kids.

Best Monster Books for Kids

Monster Gross Motor Activities

monster activity puppet

Are you looking for a fun and easy monster movement activity?  It’s super simple to make goofy monster puppets with peeper rings.

First, tie pieces of metallic mesh tube ribbon and pipe cleaners to a hair tie.  Place the hair tie over a child’s fingers to make crazy hair.  Add an eye peeper ring…. and  …… tada ….an instant monster puppet.

Use the monster puppets while dancing and singing.  The perfect music is Laurie Berkner’s Monster Boogie.

monster activity puppet - easy to make

Here are some additional monster movement activities for your kids:

Monster Literacy Activities

Here is a silly hands-on way to help kids learn to recognize letters.  Draw a letter M on a piece of paper or use ABC Dot  Letters.  Kids can add “monster eyes” to the dots or along the shape of the letter as they practice the “m” sound, work on letter formation, letter recognition, and even fine motor skills.

monster theme letter m activity with googly eyes

The Feed the Monster set can also be used for letter sorting, beginning sound matching, and rhyming activities. Learn more about the feed the monster activities here.

feed the monster alphabet activity for kids

I hope that you enjoy trying out some of these monster activities for kids.  Do you have another favorite idea for a monster theme or a Halloween theme?  Please share in the comments below.

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