Art Activities with Spider Webs


Did you know that you can use packaged spider webs for art activities? Here are several ideas for creating spider web art with your kids.

It’s always fun to try out new art materials.  You know those packaged spider webs that you can purchase around Halloween? Everyone knows that you can use them to decorate for the holiday.  Did you know that you and your kids can use them to create art activities for preschoolers?

Spider Web Art

Here are a few ways that you can use spider webs for your art activities.  These will be great activities for your Halloween, fall, or spider-themed unit.  They could also be a fun activity at a Halloween party.

Usually, you can find packages of spider webs at craft stores and big-box stores in September and October.  Be sure to be on the lookout for them after Halloween.  I have been able to pick up a bunch on clearance for next to nothing and I just save them for the following year.

Spider Web Stamps

To create the stamps I cut off a small portion of spider web.  I then stretched it around the opening of an empty cup or container and secured it with a rubber band or two.  After securing it, I trimmed up the edges to make them a little bit neater.  If you want to make them look super neat, you can use a plain cup and secure the web with duct tape or colored tape.

Pull your spider web around a tub or can for your spider web art activity.

I added some black tempera paint to a container.  You may have to thin the paint a little bit with water.  Then we pressed the spider web stamp into the paint and made prints on colored paper.  You may also want to try to use a “stamp pad” like the one I used in the next activity.

Use paint or an ink pad for your spider web art activity.

If you want to try a non-tradition paper for your stamps, try paper towels.  It’s really interesting to see how the paper towel absorbs the paint.

Fun spider web art activity.

Spider Web Roller

I used a pool noodle to make a roller. First, I cut off a section that was about 6 inches long. Then, I made the handle by cutting a wedge of noodle and sticking it in the hole.  Okay…it’s not the neatest handle, but it works. You can also use a round block, thick dowel, or spool.  I just didn’t have any of those on hand and improvised.

Use a pool noodle to roll out your spider web art activity.

I cut a section of spider web and stretched it out.  Then, I wrapped the web around the roller and secured it in place with a few rubber bands.

Wrap your spider web around the noodle for this fun art activity.

I found that when we dipped the roller directly in paint, there was too much paint and the detail of the webs was lost.  To solve this problem, we added the thin black paint to a few folded paper towels.  A foam meat tray would be the perfect container to hold this “ink pad”.  I didn’t have one on hand, so I used a rectangular lid.

Art activities with spider webs.

After applying the paint, we rolled a design on some colored paper.  It really produced a wonderful design.

Roll your spider web art onto colored paper for a different look.

Stretchy Spider Web Art

In addition to painting with the web, you can just let kids be creative with it.  Again, I cut off a section of web.  Provide some masking tape and black paper or a black paper plate and just let kids create.

Stretchy spider web art.

We had fun stretching the webs and taping them into place.

Stretch your spider web for a fun art activity.

If you like, you can provide some plastic spiders to add to the creation.  You can also provide a tinker tray filled with supplies that kids can use to create spiders, bugs….or whatever they want to accompany their web.

Add spiders or other small tinker objects to their spider web art.

Spider Web Paint Brush

The final spider web idea that I want to share is the spider web paint brush. This time I used the webs with duct tap and wooden dowels that I picked up at the Dollar Store.

Spider web  paint brush art activity.

I cut off a section of web and taped it to the end of the dowel.  Tada…..a paintbrush!

A fun spider web art activity.

We used the paintbrush in two different ways.  First, we added drops of paint to a piece of construction paper.  Then, we used the brush to spread the paint.

Painting with your spider web painting for a wonderful art activity.

We also dipped the brush directly into the thin paint.  It really made some beautiful brush marks!

Painting with spider web paintbrushes for an art activity.

I hope that you might be encouraged to use spider webs in some new ways with your kids.  Let me know if you try out any of these art activities.

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