More Spider Activities for Preschoolers


Here are some great spider activities for preschoolers. The fun ideas include fine motor, counting, and process art activities that are perfect for Halloween or any time of year. Your kids will love them!

I am not a friend of real-life spiders….especially those gigantic Texas-sized spiders that make me want to take the first plane back to Ohio.   I do, however, enjoy using the plastic variety of creepy-crawly spiders for crafts and activities.  I shared several spider activity ideas in a past article.  But now I have even more ideas for your spider theme or fall Halloween theme.

Spider Web Craft

More spider activities for kids.

This spider web craft is also a great fine motor activity.  Prepare a paper plate by punching a hole on the edge.  Then, tie a fairly long length of string to it.  Any kind of yarn will work, but I really like the effect of the white, feathery yarn that I found at the craft store. Be sure to wrap the tape around the end of the yarn so that kids can easily push it through holes in the plate.  Kids can use a hole punch to create additional holes around the edge of the paper plate.  When they lace the yarn through the holes, it will create a nice spider web.  Of course, no spider web is complete without a spider.  We added little spider rings to ours.

Using yarn or spider webs for your spider activities with kids.

In addition to yarn, kids will also enjoy stretching and taping spiderwebs to a paper plate.  To learn more about this craft…click here.

Spider Necklaces

Practice fine motor skills with this beading spider activity for kids.

Much like the snowflake counting necklaces that I shared in a previous article, the spider necklace makes a great craft project, counting exercise, patterning activity, and or fine motor activity.  To prep them, I hot-glued a plastic spider to a tagboard circle or square.  I punched a hole in the top, added some orange cord and a single bead.  Once prepared, kids can add beads to each side of the necklace.

Open-ended Spider Art Activity

Open-ended spider activities for kids.

It’s also fun to create a spidery open-ended art activity.  Hot glue a plastic spider to a piece of paper.  Then you can let kids add their artwork to the paper.  You can provide additional materials like crayons, glue, yarn, paper, paint, glitter, colored masking tape, toothpicks, straws….anything.  It will be fun to see what kind of artwork they come up with.

Adding artwork to your spider activities for kids.

It’s also fun to use this spidery paper for blow painting.  In the picture above, we used an eyedropper to drop thin paint onto the paper.  Then, we used a straw to blow the paint into beautiful random designs.  By the way….I picked up the package of straws for a quarter last year after the holiday.  Don’t forget to be on the lookout for those after-holiday bargains.

Do you have more ideas for spider activities for kids?  I would love to hear about them.

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