15 Easy Fine Motor Activities for Fall


Here are a BUNCH of fun and exciting fine motor activities for fall. Perfect for Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn fine motor activities for your kids in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

There are many fun and exciting ways to help you work on developing fine motor skills with kids.  Here are a few fall-themed fine motor activities for the season or to add to your lessons for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Activities

Pumpkin Sorting

Let kids sort the inside parts of pumpkins.  If they don’t want to touch the parts with their fingers, they can sort them with tweezers or small tongs.  Pumpkin sorting can be a great fine motor and sensory activity…..plus kids can learn all about pumpkins.

Fine Motor Activities for Fall

Pumpkin Seed Counting

Picking up pumpkin seeds is a great fine motor exercise for young kids.  Use them for counting games or in playdough trays.

Pumpkin Seed Counting fine motor activities for fall.

Pumpkin Puff Balls

I made these little pumpkins with orange puff balls, green chenille stems, and hot glue.  You can also make an apple version.  I cut the chenille stems, bent them in half, and glued the pointy side in the puffball.

Pumpkin puff balls fine motor activities for fall.

Kids can pick up the little pumpkins with their fingers (picking them up by the stems will require a bit more skill) to place them in a container.  They can also use tweezers or tongs to pick them up.  Kids get a kick out of “feeding” the jack-o-lantern.  You can add dice or a spinner to make a counting game.

Use the puffball pumpkins along with an empty squeeze bottle or turkey baster to create a blast of excitement.  Kids can squeeze the bottle to blow the little pumpkins across the floor. You can have a contest to see who can blow a pumpkin the longest distance, race the pumpkins across the floor, or place a post-it note or tape a shape on the floor and ask kids to guide a pumpkin to its “home”.

Fine Motor activities for fall.

Pumpkin Pick-up

Kids can use tongs or bug catchers to pick up small pumpkins.  They can place them in mini cauldrons, mini jack-o-lanterns, or egg cartons.

Pumpkin Pick up fine motor activities for fall.

Pumpkin Pre-writing Practice

These pumpkin pre-writing practice cards provide a fun way to help kids practice controlling a writing instrument.  Kids can trace the long pumpkin vine on each card with a dry erase marker or crayon. The set is listed in my TPT store, and it includes a variety of cards with varying degrees of difficulty.

Pumpkin pre-writing practice  fine motor activities for fall.

Play Dough Pumpkins

Using playdough is always a fun way to help strengthen little hands.  Roll little balls and push in a small chenille stem to create little pumpkins.  This is a great activity to accompany the poem/song Five Little Pumpkins.  Don’t forget to smash each pumpkin when you are done.

Play dough pumpkins fine motor activities for fall.

Pumpkin Cleaning

Years ago, my little niece always wanted to clean my apartment when she visited me.  I didn’t stop her.  Instead, I provided her with a spray bottle and a towel so she could go to town.  At the time, I didn’t know that I was actually doing her a favor.

Now, I know that using spray bottles is a great hand strengthening activity……and kids LOVE them.  Get out a spray bottle and let your kids clean and shine the pumpkins.  Dirty up the pumpkins with dirt, paint, or even shaving cream if needed.  Add a few drops of essential oils to the spray bottle for an added sensory experience. Hint:  Use a calming oil like lavender to have a calming effect on the kids.

Pumpkin cleaning fine motor activities for fall.

Pumpkin Games and Learning Activities

Look for or adapt learning activities that use fine motor skills.  This pumpkin alphabet and beginning sound activity will encourage your kids to place the pumpkins inside the wagon/pouch.  You can also adapt existing resources to encourage kids to get their little fingers working.  Attach alphabet cards to the outside of envelopes and ask kids to put a matching alphabet card inside the envelope.

Pumpkin games and learning activities:  Fine motor activities for fall.

Additional Pumpkin Fine Motor Activities

Pumpkins are one of my favorite themes.  Here are even more activities to try.

  • Put your office supplies to work and wrap rubber bands around small pumpkins
  • Pound golf tees into a large pumpkin
  • Make a pumpkin theme or Thanksgiving theme mini cutting book 
Additional pumpkin fine motor activities.

PlayDough Trays

I love assembling playdough trays.  Create a fall-themed playdough tray with items like leaves, plastic acorns, sticks, etc., and let kids have fun creating.

Playdough trays fine motor activities for fall.

You can also create an apple theme, monster theme, turkey theme, scarecrow theme, or spider theme playdough tray for kids.

fine motor activities for fall.

Fine Motor Activities with Fall Leaves

In many places, falling leaves are abundant in the fall.  Here are a few activity ideas using those leaves.

Use leaves for cutting practice or get out a hole punch and punch holey designs into them.

fine motor activities with fall leaves

You can also sort real or fake leaves with tongs or tweezers.

fine motor activities for fall

Spider Activity Ideas

Spiders in the Sensory Bin

October is the perfect time for creepy crawly things.  Add plastic spiders, bats, and/or rats to a sensory bin.  These training chopsticks that I found at a thrift store are the perfect tool to pick up the creepy crawlies.

spiders in the sensory bin with your fine motor activities for fall

Spider Webs Lacing

Your kids can make this spider web craft with a paper plate, a plastic spider, and some yarn.  You can also let them do the hole punching to get even more fine motor practice.

spider web lacing for your fine motor activities for fall.

Mini-Eraser Activities

If creepy crawlies aren’t your thing, the training chopsticks can be used to pick up fall-themed mini-erasers. This egg container from Costco makes a perfect sorting tray.

mini eraser activities for your fine motor activities for fall.

Squirrel Cutting Practice Sheets

Kids can help feed the squirrels by cutting a path from the acorn to the squirrel on these printable squirrel cutting skills practice pages.  This is a fun way to encourage kids to practice scissor skills.

squirrel cutting practice sheets for your fine motor activities for fall.

I hope that you have fun trying out some of these fall fine motor activities with your kids.  Let me know which is your favorite.

Fall Activities from the Store

Are you looking for additional fall activities for your kids? Check out the following resources in my TPT store.  Click on the images below to learn more.

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