Fun and Creative Torn Paper Art Ideas for Your Preschoolers


If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your preschoolers entertained, look no further than torn paper art! Tearing paper is a great activity that helps develop fine motor skills. Plus, there are endless creative ways to use torn paper! Here are some fun and creative torn paper art ideas that your kids are sure to love. Let’s get started!

Torn Paper Art for Preschoolers

Why is tearing paper good for preschoolers?

Tearing paper is a great way for preschoolers to develop their fine motor skills. Ripping paper requires precise movements of the fingers and hands, which helps develop eye-hand coordination that strengthens muscles, and improves dexterity.

Tearing paper is also a fun way to let kids express their creativity. Teachers tell me repeatedly how much their kids enjoy doing torn paper activities.

There are endless ways to create art with torn paper. This means that kids can explore a variety of different process art and craft projects. 

I also love that torn paper art is easy and can be super inexpensive. The supplies needed are just paper and glue. The paper can even be scrap paper or paper rescued from the trash or recycling bin.

What is torn paper art called?

While creating torn paper art, you can also expand your kids’ vocabulary and knowledge of art history. Chigiri-e is a type of Japanese paper art that involves tearing thin strips of paper and then assembling them into a design.

Torn Paper Art Ideas

Here are some fun and creative torn paper art ideas for your kids to try:

Free-Art with Torn Paper

This is an excellent project for preschoolers who are just starting with torn paper art. Have them randomly tear pieces of paper and then glue them to a piece of construction paper in a free-form fashion. 

Torn Paper Process Art

This is a great process art activity and the perfect way to let kids explore their creative side and use their imagination! Add some fun pieces of scrapbook paper to add interest.

Fill a Shape

You or your kids can draw a shape on a piece of paper and then paste torn paper to fill the shape.

Collage a Picture

Use a printable or a simple picture from a coloring book. Kids can tear paper into small pieces and glue them to fill in the picture.

Torn Paper Art Projects

Torn Paper Wreath by Buggy and Buddy

This is a great project for the holidays! Kids can tear paper into small pieces and then glue them to a circular piece of cardboard. Once the wreath is dry, they can add a hanger and hang it on their door.

Torn Paper Tree by 3 Dinosaurs

I love this tree project for the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Kids can tear paper into small pieces and then glue them to a triangular piece of cardboard. Once the tree is dry, they can add a hanger and hang it on their wall.

Torn Paper Landscape – by Make and Takes

This landscape project for kids who want to create something more realistic. They can torn paper into small pieces and then glue them to a piece of cardboard. Once the landscape is dry, they can add a hanger and hang it on their wall.

Teach additional Concepts with Torn Paper Art

Torn paper is excellent for process art activities, but you can also use a torn paper activity as a hands-on way to teach other concepts. Here are some ideas.


Have kids fill shapes with torn paper.

Torn Paper Shape Art


Are you kids learning their colors? They can make a torn paper collage with a single color of paper.


Fold a piece of construction paper into quarters. Kids can tear several different colors or styles of paper and paste them onto the construction paper. Then, they can sort them as they glue them on the paper.

Color Sorting Torn Paper


When kids fill large bubble letters with torn paper, it helps them learn the shape of letters. When their letter collage is dry, they can use their finger-trace over the large letter with their index finger. The texture of the torn paper will provide sensory input.

Torn Paper Art with Bubble Letters

I hope you and your preschoolers enjoy trying out some of these torn paper art ideas. Be sure to let me know which one is your favorite! 🙂 Also, if you have any other fun torn paper art ideas, I would love to hear about them

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