The Best Kids hole Punch to Use for Preschool Activities


Hole punches are very exciting and motivating tools that help kids build hand strength and fine motor skills. I often share ideas for hole punch activities, so parents and preschool teachers often ask me which hole punch is best for kids.

The best kids hole punch for fine motor activities

Many different hole punches are available on Amazon, but it’s challenging to know which one is best for your fine motor activities. Here’s a comparison of the best ones that I’ve found.

The Old-School Metal Hole Punch

This classic metal hole punch is suitable for activities. If you have a limited budget to buy supplies for your kids, you will find that they are relatively inexpensive and durable.

I like this hole punch because it’s pretty easy to see where it will punch a hole. That means it works great for activities like hole punch strips where kids punch on a printed circle.

The bad thing about this type of hole punch, just like those old school scissors I used when I was a kid, is that they aren’t very comfortable and usually require some force to use.

The Cushion-Grip Hole Punch

This cushion-grip model is the hole punch that I always recommend.

The best thing about this hole punch is that it has a cushion grip, making it comfortable to use. In addition, I believe that it is a little easier to operate than the old-school metal punch.

This hole punch also delivers on the visibility factor. Kids can see where it’s going to punch and, therefore, aim it to punch holes in the printed circles on fine motor activities.

Reduced Effort One-Hole Punch

This hole punch has a lot going for it. It’s pretty comfortable to use and has a reduced-effort design so that you don’t have to squeeze as hard to get the punch to go through. 

The problem that I have with this hole punch is that you can’t see where it will punch. It can be an excellent tool for kids who are just learning how to use a hole punch in general, but it’s best for random punches in paper.

This type of hole punch will not work well for printable hole punch activities.

Lever Hole Punch

This hole punch sits on a table. To operate, kids push down on the lever to create the hole in the paper. Once again, with this type of punch, kids cannot see exactly where the hole will go. While these punches may be great as an adaptive tool for kids who struggle with a traditional hole punch, I don’t think it is the best tool to use for printable activities or to build hand strength.

Craft Punches

If your kids enjoy using hole punches, you might consider these craft punches to punch various shapes into paper.

You will find various shapes for crafting, including a star, a flower, a hand, and a flower. They are best used with thicker paper because they don’t create a hole very easily.

Hole Punch Activities for Your Kids

I hope you find this information helpful in making your final decision about what hole punch to get for your preschool activities.

Are you ready to put that hole punch to use? Try out these fun hole punch activities in the store.

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