Fine Motor Activity for Kids : Make Feather Necklaces


Whether you are talking about Thanksgiving, birds, or are just looking for a fun fine motor activity for kids – these feather necklaces will fit the bill.

feather and bead necklaces


Gather the following supplies to begin this preschool craft activity:

  • colorful feathers
  • colorful card stock paper
  • bird stickers
  • pony beads
  • string or lacing cord
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • breakaway clasps

If you have a circle punch….it will make cutting shapes a breeze.

How to Assemble Feather Necklaces

To make the necklaces I started by cutting a bunch of circles from scraps of colored card stock.  You certainly don’t have to use a circle…use whatever shape or material you choose.

to prep the feather necklaces, begin by cutting out circles from cardstock

Then, we taped feathers to one side of a circle.

tape feathers to the circles

Next, we glued another circle on top of the feathered circle to create a little sandwich.  You can also sandwich feathers between foam shape stickers.

how to make a feather necklace with kids.  Glue the paper circles together

Once we punched a hole into the circle and added a string, the feather medallions were ready to be decorated with stickers, washi tape, or drawings.

Add a cord to the feather necklace

Finally, beads were added to the string.  Helpful Hack….Use painter’s tape to hold the necklace to the table so that kids won’t pick up the necklace and send beads flying all over the place.  For safety, add a breakaway clasp to the end of the strings.

tape the necklace to the table so kids can add beads to it

Math Talk

Making feather necklaces is a fun activity but don’t forget that there are plenty of opportunities to talk about math in the process.

  • How many beads are on each string? Which has more or less?  How do you know?
  • How many beads do you need to add to one string to make them even?  How did you figure that out?
  • can you make a pattern on each of the strings?  Tell me how you started your pattern?
  • What do you notice about your friend’s necklace?

I have also made necklaces to go with other themes as well.  Check out the snowflake necklace, spectacular spider activities, and Thanksgiving feather necklaces.

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