The Best Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers


 Check out this list of fun Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers. Your kids will love the hands-on learning activities, art ideas, book ideas, and more.

Are you looking for some additional activity ideas to include in your Thanksgiving theme unit or lesson plans?  From art and math activities to sensory table and book ideas, this list is sure to help you out.

Thanksgiving activity ideas for preschoolers

Thanksgiving Art Ideas

In America, when we think about Thanksgiving, we think about TURKEYS!

Turkey time is also the perfect time to work with feathers.  Why not use them to create process art.  Check out all the different ways to paint with feathers.

feather prints on a folded piece of white paper - an example of how to paint with feathers or a fun Thanksgiving activity for preschoolers

Here are a few more Thanksgiving-themed art activities to check out:

Corn cob painting by Natural Beach Living

Fork painting turkey feathers by Happy Toddler Playtime

Corn cob rubbing art by Happy Littles

Pumpkin Pie Painting by Left Brain Craft Brain

Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activities

Dig out your feathers, beads, and brightly colored paper. Here are some fun fine motor activities and crafts that are perfect for the month of November.

Printable Fine Motor Crafts

Your kids can work on building their fine motor skills while creating these Thanksgiving themed printable crafts. The turkey craft, pumpkin pie craft, and corn craft will give your kids an opportunity to work on hole punching, build scissors skills.

turkey craft, pumpkin pie craft, and corn craft - examples of Thanksgiving activities for kids.

Feather Necklace Craft

Here is a craft that is also a great fine motor and counting activity.  Your kids will enjoy making these turkey feather necklaces.

three feather and beaded necklace crafts for kids.

Turkey Task Cards

These turkey fine motor task cards are part of my Fall Dot Sticker Task Card set. They are a versatile addition to you fine motor task boxes. You can use dot stickers with them, q-tip paint with them, or use them for stamping as shown.

turkey task cards printed on bright paper shown with a pencil eraser and a purple stamp pad - a Thanksgiving activity for preschoolers

Thanksgiving Paper Tearing Activities

Tearing paper is a great way to help kids build hand strength. Add fall-colored scrap paper to a sensory bin and encourage kids to tear it into small pieces.

You can also glue the torn paper to printed images to make fun collages. The printables below are from my November Fine Motor Activities Set.

Thanksgiving torn paper activities

Fall and Thanksgiving Hole Punch Activities

Kids LOVE using hole punches. These hole punch strips are also part of my November Fine Motor Activities set.

Thanksgiving and fall themed hole punch strips

Thankful Paper Chains

These turkey dot sticker strips make a great fine motor activity, but you can also use them to make a Thankful paper chain. After talking about gratitude, discuss things that we can be grateful for. You can also send strips home with kids. Write those things on the paper strips and make a paper chain.

A thankful paper chain - teal, orange, and red paper strips with turkeys printed on them are shown. On the back of the strips a teacher has written things that kids are thankful for. Mittens, friends, Dad, and Grandma are shown.

Additional Fine Motor Ideas

Feather beading by Sugar Ants

Feather craft scissor practice by a Little Pinch of Perfect

Thanksgiving Playdough Ideas

I love putting together playdough trays or playdough kits for different seasons or themes. Here are some fun ideas for Thanksgiving playdough trays.

Fall-Themed Playdough Tray

Make a fall-themed playdough tray with items like pumpkins, acorns, tree slices, twigs, etc.

playdough activities for fall - a playdough tray with orange playdough, pumpkins, pine cones, sticks, plastic acorns, wood cookies, and silk fall leaves.

Turkey Playdough Tray

Make a turkey playdough tray by adding feathers, googly eyes, and beads to a divided serving tray.

turkey made from playdough, feathers, beads, googly eyes, popcorn and toothpicks

How to Make Brown Playdough

Do you want to add some fall-colored playdough to your playdough trays? Well, it’s pretty easy to buy or make orange, red, and yellow playdough….but brown playdough is another story.

To make brown playdough, I use my quick playdough recipe and add 15 red, 15 yellow, and 3 blue drops or blue food coloring.

Additional Thanksgiving Playdough Ideas

Pumpkin pie playdough by Life Over C’s

Fall playdough recipes by Nurture Store

Turkey Math Activities

This fun, hands-on turkey math activity can be used in several different ways to help kids build number sense.

Thanksgiving math activity - a turkey math mat

Here are some additional turkey-themed math activities that are perfect for young kids.

Feed the turkey counting activity by Fun Learning for Kids

Add and fill turkey by Creative Family Fun

Thanksgiving Literacy Activities

Kids get so excited about holidays. When you include holiday themes in your learning activities, the activities are more motivating. Here are some Thanksgiving-themed literacy activity ideas that you can use.

Turkey Name Puzzles

You can add a Thanksgiving twist to name activities when you use these turkey name puzzles.

Thanksgiving turkey printable name puzzles

Thanksgiving Salt Tray

Kids can practice letter formation with a salt tray.  Add a little cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice to the salt and your room will smell AMAZING. Instead of salt, you can also add corn to the salt tray.

Form letters in a salt tray filled with corn instead of salt

I am Thankful Book

Use this free printable Thanksgiving emergent reader to talk about gratitude with your kids.

A printable Thanksgiving book - The title is I am Thankful book for kids

Books About Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce kids to the terms “gratitude” and “grateful” and “thankful” Here are more books about gratitude that you can add to your class library or use at circle time.

The Best Children's books about gratitude

My Family Class Book

Because so many families gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to talk about families.  Use this free family theme printable to make a class book about your kids and their family.

A free family theme printable for a class book or a Thanksgiving activity for preschoolers

Turkey Themed Books

Here is another great list of books that are perfect for Thanksgiving. These turkey books are so much fun for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

turkey themed books for kids

Thanksgiving Theme Sensory Bin

Add silk leaves along with small pumpkins, acorns, or pinecones to a Thanksgiving theme sensory bin.

sensory bin filled with silk leaves and plastic acorns

Squares of tissue paper in fall colors are also a fun addition to a sensory table.  Additional fall, harvest, or Thanksgiving-themed sensory materials include

Thanksgiving theme sensory bin for preschoolers with small metal buckets and squares of red, yellow, and red tissue paper.

Do you have some favorite Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers? I would love to hear about them.

Thanksgiving Songs

While you won’t find as many Thanksgiving songs as Christmas songs. Here are a few fun songs that you can share with your kids during Thanksgiving time.

A Turkey Dance by the Learning Station

I’m Gonna Eat on Thanksgiving Day by The Laurie Berkner Band

From the Store – Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

The following hands-on turkey learning activities are in my store.  Click on the images below to check them out.

Thanksgiving crafts and fine motor activities - The set includes a printable turkey craft, a pumpkin pie craft, and an ear of corn craft.
fall fine motor task cards
fall fine motor dot sticker strips

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