The Best Children’s Books about Gratitude


Here is a list of children’s books about gratitude. The books are perfect for Thanksgiving and any time of year.

Thanksgiving time is always a great time to talk about being thankful, but why not talk about gratitude throughout the year.  Here is a list of children’s books about gratitude.  They are perfect for encouraging kids to appreciate the little things in life.

Children's books about gratitude

Gracias Thanks

A young boy shares some of the everyday things for which he is thankful.  The text is written in both Spanish and English.

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

A child expresses thanks for big things like family, friends, and simple things like lollipops that turn her tongue green.

Giving Thanks

The gorgeous illustrations in this book take you on a journey with a father and his son.  From morning to night, the father demonstrates how to express gratitude for the world around us.

Thank You, Omu

In this heartwarming story, Omu shares her pot of delicious, thick, red stew with many people from her neighborhood.  She is surprised to find that her pot is empty and delighted by the expression of gratitude from her neighbors.


This is a sweet book that shows how different people are grateful for different things.  It does have a few religious references.

The Thank You Book

It’s a great big THANKARAMA as Piggy thanks EVERYONE.  Kids will be delighted when they realize that they are part of the story too.

Bear Says Thanks

Another sweet story by Karma Wilson.  Bear’s friends all pitch in to create a huge feast.  Although bear’s cupboards are bare, he still has plenty to share.

Thanks for Thanksgiving

This rhyming book talks about gratitude and the importance of family on Thanksgiving.

Do you have some favorite children’s books about gratitude to add to this list?  I would love to hear them.  Check out these additional books for preschoolers.

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