20 Class Book Ideas for Preschoolers


Class books are some of the most engaging books for young children. Here are some ideas to help you add some to your class library. They are sure to be a favorite that your kids will read again and again.

20 class book ideas

What is a Class Book?

Class books are unique books that you create for your kids.  Usually, they include a page created by or featuring every student in your class.  Class books can also be easily adapted for home use by including pages for each family member.

Why Should You Use Class Books?

I already mentioned that class books are some of the most engaging books for preschoolers.  A book that features them?!?!…How could they NOT love that?  When they are part of a book, kids will have a sense of pride and ownership.

Class books can be used to help create a classroom community.  This is particularly helpful at the beginning of the school year.  Use a book featuring all of your kids to introduce your kids to each other and help them remember everyone’s names.  They are even engaging in distance learning classrooms.

20 class book ideas

When kids find high-interest books that they like to read again and again they learn the basic concepts of print.  They begin to see that print has meaning, that books have a front, back, top & bottom, and they begin to become aware of words and letters on the pages.

You can also use class books to teach additional literacy concepts to kids.  Alphabet books feature letters and sounds.  You can also make silly books to introduce rhyming in a fun and meaningful way.

20 class book ideas for your preschool.

Don’t limit yourself to teaching literacy skills with class books.  You can use them to teach counting, shapes, colors, texture, vocabulary, etc.

How to Create a Class Book

You don’t have to be creative to make a class book.  I’ll show you many examples below to give you some ideas.  Many only require some photos and construction paper.

If you are feeling short of time or creativity, you can also purchase a printable template to help you along.

There are many different ways to assemble and bind your books.  

20 class book ideas including the Alphabet book.
  • Punch holes in each page and assemble them in a 3 ring binder
  • Use binding rings or ribbon to hold those hole-punched pages together.
  • Bind them with a comb or spiral binding.  If you don’t have a binding machine, a copy shop can do this for you. 

Use Class Books at Home

If you homeschool, don’t feel like you have to miss out on the class book fun.  You can totally make a book featuring your family and friends instead of classmates.

Class Book Ideas

Okay…now for the fun part.  Here are a bunch of class book ideas for you.  Some of these ideas are from Early Learning Ideas, but I have also linked them to ideas from others.

Children Children, Who Do You See?

This Children, Children book from my store is a take on the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear children’s book is a great way to introduce kids to each other at the beginning of the school year.

Children, children who do you see?  class book idea.

Whose Smile

This smile book  by Share and Remember is a great addition to an All About Me unit.  You can make similar books with different body parts….hands, noses, feet, ears, etc…

Whose Smile?  class book idea.

ABC Lift the Flap Books

Teach the letters of the alphabet and beginning sounds with this fun lift the flap book.  This is also a GREAT book to use at home.  You can make pages for Mom, Dad, Grandma…..etc.

Who Am I? class book idea.

Our Families

Help kids share their families with the whole class.  You can get a free Family Theme Printable to help you make a family class book.

My family class book idea.

School Shoes Book

Make this school shoe book inspired by Pete the Cat by Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes.

School shoes book class book ideas.

How Many Apples on Top

Use this free printable apple book template to make an apple-theme counting book to go along with Dr. Seuess’ How Many Apples on Top.

How Many Apples on Top class book idea.

Rhyming Name Book

These rhyming name books are a fun twist on the Willoughby, Wallaby song by Raphie.  Kids love that the books feature their names and pictures of animals sitting on their heads.

Rhyming Name Book class book ideas.
20 class book ideas.

Who’s at the Top of the Coconut Tree

This version of a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom class book by Kindergarten Works features your children’s photos and all the letters of the alphabet.

Who's at the top of the coconut tree class book idea.

Tactile Alphabet Book

Each child can create a letter collage page to create an alphabet book for your class.

Tactile alphabet book class book idea.

Color Books

Here is a great color book idea by Things to Share and Remember.  Each child can make a different page and you can assemble a book with all the colors.

The color book class book idea.

Number Books

Kids can practice counting and work on fine motor skills as they each create a page for a number book.

Number books class book idea.

Silly Sally Book

I love all the silliness of Silly Sally.  Here is a template from my store to help you create your own version of the book.

Silly Sally Book class book idea.

Additional Class Book Ideas

  • If I were an Old Lady, I would Swallow…. by Mrs. Williamsons Kinders
  • Class Routines by Kindergarten Nana
  • Environmental Print Book – Kids can help gather labels and logos to add to alphabet cards
  • Sensory Books – Make a book of softness. Each can add something to a page that is soft.  You can also make rough, smooth, bumpy books too.
  • Take pictures of the school and create kids can go on a tour as they look at the book
  • Make a neighborhood book highlighting everyone’s favorite places.
  • Document a field trip
  • Take pictures of kids as they demonstrate how to wash their hands, walk in a line, or go on a fire drill.
  • Compile your kids’ artwork into a book.  Here is a 10 Dots book idea from Rainbows Within Reach

Purchase Class Book Templates from the Store

The following class book templates are available in my store.  Click on the images below to purchase the printables today.