How to Make Kids Giggle with These Extra Silly Rhyming Books


These silly rhyming books for preschoolers feature your kids’ names and pictures. Your kids will beg to read these fun lift-the-flap books over and over.

What’s better than silly rhyming books for preschoolers?  …..Silly rhyming books that feature your kids’ photos and names!

Silly rhyming books for preschoolers.  Make these DIY rhyming name books to teach rhyming and alliteration to your kids.

These silly lift-the-flap rhyming books from my store will help your kids learn to recognize and produce rhymes.  You can use the fun literacy activity in your class library, at circle time, and even as a rhyming game. The class books, featuring familiar faces, will quickly become a favorite rhyming activity that your kids will want to read over and over again.

rhyming name class book bundle

No Time to Read The Whole Article?

Here are the quick links to purchase the Rhyming Books today.

Have you ever heard the “Willoughby Wallaby Woo” rhyming song?  These books were inspired by that song.  I created 4 versions of the rhyming flipbook and they are all included in the printable resource.

You can make a turtle book, a zebra book, a bear book, or a hippo book.  If you feel like mixing things up a little bit, you can also make a book featuring more than one of the animals…a generic cover is also included.

Making your own classroom rhyming books for preschool.  The DIY printable rhyming books can be customized on the cover with the teacher's name.

Do you need some tips about introducing rhyme to your kids? Be sure check out my article about how to teach rhyming words to kids.

This is How The Rhyming Books Work

Read the text on the flap and asked the kids to guess the name of the child that they will see on the next page.

A Zebra rhyming name book.  The flap says "Zippety, zoppety, Zeliciah.  The zebra sat on .....

Once they get the hang of the rhyming thing, they will be able to figure it out. Zelicia rhymes with Felicia.

A teacher flips the flap on the rhyming name book for preschoolers.

Next, flip the small flap over to reveal the whole page below.   Look! A zebra is sitting on Felica’s head!

When the flap on the rhyming book is flipped, the child's picture and her name (Felicia) are revealed.

How to Customize the Rhyming Books

When you purchase the rhyming book resource, you will get a PDF document for each version of the book.

When you open a document,  you will find a form at the very beginning.  This form will help you easily customize your book.

*To edit the documents properly you will need to open the documents using the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t currently have the program on your computer, you can get it for free.

All you have to do is add your kids’ names in the first column of the form and type the rhyming version of each name in the second column. Below is an example of the form found at the beginning of the turtle book document.

I typed the names on the left and then added a T to the beginning of each name to create the rhyming name in the right column.

A tutorial on how to customize the rhyming books.

When you add names to the form,  those names will be automatically transferred to the name pages and flaps throughout the document.  Check out the page numbers listed beside each name to easily figure out which pages to print.

I like to print the name pages (the ones on the left column) on white paper.  I then print the silly rhyming name flaps (the ones in the right column) on a colorful paper or cardstock.  Make sure that the paper you use for the flaps is thick enough to hide the image and name on the previous page….you don’t want kids to see everything under the flap.

Please see troubleshooting tips for help if you experience editing or printing problems.

Putting it All Together

If you haven’t made a flipbook before, don’t worry.  It’s really easy!   Print a cover, name pages, and flaps.  The flaps print 2 per page, so you will need to cut those pages in half.  Print a photo of each of your kids and attach their pictures directly below the animals on each name page.  A 4×6″ photo will fit perfectly.

Make the book extra silly by using pictures of your kids making funny faces or holding their heads.

Here are the part of the rhyming books for preschoolers.  This picture includes a cover page, a photo, a name page, and a flap with the rhyming riddle on it.

After you have attached a photo to a page, place the matching flap on top.  Be sure that the flap covers the bottom half of the name page. Place all of the pages in a neat stack, top with a cover, and bind them all together to complete your book.

Tada!  Look what you made!

A turtle version of the name rhyming book for preschoolers
The page of the lift-the-flap rhyming book says "Tippety, toppety, Tip a turtle sate on ......  When the flap is flipped, the name "Chip" is revealed.

How to Use the Books

Your kids will have so much fun seeing their pictures in these books.  Here are some ways to use them:

  • Share at circle time.
  • Add them to your class library.
  • Use as a take-home activity.
An example of DIY rhyming books featuring kids' names
An example of DIY rhyming books featuring kids' names

Fun Ways to Extend the Rhyming Activity

After reading the books a few times, you can extend the activity by adding additional rhymes.  Get as silly as possible.  Think about superheroes, tv or cartoon personalities, or additional names objects that you can add.  For example “Hippity hoppity hom.  A hippopotamus sat on my mom!”  or “Tippity toppity tegos.  A turtle sat on my legos!”  Next, you can also ask kids to produce their own rhymes.

An example of DIY rhyming books for preschoolers.  This lift-the-flap printable book features a child's name and a silly rhyme.
An example of DIY rhyming books featuring kids' names

What are Teachers Saying About These Rhyming Books?

“Love these! They make my class smile or giggle every time we read them. So glad that this includes 4 versions. And the fact that there is little work for me makes me smile!”

“This is one of the best things I have ever bought. I teach preschool to a multi lingual classroom and this set really helped raise their phonemic awareness and rhyming knowledge in a fun and engaging way. The turtle version is their favorite and I have had to rebind it a few times. I love to hear my students read this book themselves, enjoying the silly rhyme and learning!!! “

“love. love. love. My students cannot read these stories enough. They are the first book they choose out of the library and I end up reading it to the class everyday.”

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