The Free Printable Rhyming Book That will Make Your Kids Flip


Use this printable rhyming book for a fun literacy activity that will help kids understand the concept of rhyme. Kids see that the end of each word remains the same as they flip the pages…..a powerful visual cue.

Today I have a printable rhyming flipbook for you.  This simple CVC book features the -at word family.  It is easy to print, easy to assemble, so it makes an easy literacy activity to help your kids with phonological awareness.

Before you begin, please check out my article about how to teach rhyming words to kids.

Rhyming Flip Free printable book.

How to Assemble the Book

There are  5 pages in the printable document.   Everything is duplicated 4 times on each page.  Now, let me show you how to make 4 books in a snap.

First, I  cut off the small word and picture cards that print on the right side of the hat/h and bat/b pages.  Set the word and picture cards to the side, and I will tell you about them later.

How to assemble your printable rhyming book.

I then put a complete set of pages in order.  Start with the cover, the hat and bat pages (that you just made smaller), followed by the cat page, and finally the tracing page.

Put the rhymes in order when assembling your printable rhyming book.

Line the pages up nicely along the left side and place two staples in each book as shown.

Staple down the left hand side of your printable rhyming books.

Finally, you can separate the books by cutting along the dotted lines on the cover page.  Tada……now you have 4 books in a snap!

Cut along the top of each book to make separate printable rhyming books.

Using the Rhyming Book

To begin this rhyming activity, kids can add their names to the cover of a book and each page provides a coloring opportunity.  As you turn the pages, it is easy to see that the ending sound stays the same in each word.  Talk about this.  The visual cue will help your kids understand the concept of rhyme.

Tips on using your printable rhyming book.

Encourage kids to place a finger on the dot below each letter as they sound out each letter in the featured word.  Challenge kids to find the featured word in the simple sentence on the page.  Read the sentence.  Do they recognize any other words on the page?

My book of rhyming words: printable.

A writing page has been added to give kids an opportunity to trace the word and write the word.  I even added dots to indicate the starting points on each letter.

Practice rhyming words with your printable rhyming book.

Remember those little words and picture cards that you cut off earlier?  Kids can use them for a little matching activity.  If you want, they can even glue them to the back of the book.

Adding more practice to your printable rhyming book.

Download the Printable Rhyming Book

Pick up the -at family rhyming book in my store.  It is a freebie. It is also part of a complete set of CVC flip books….which are also in my store.   To get your free copy of the -at word family rhyming book click on the link below.

Free Printable Rhyming Flip Book

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