Try These top 5 Fun & Easy Fine Motor Crafts with your Preschoolers


Are you searching for some fun and easy fine motor crafts to do with your preschoolers? Well, I’ve gathered some of my favorite ideas to keep your little ones engaged and help them improve their fine motor skills.

fine motor crafts for preschoolers.  The image collage includes some printable insect fine motor crafts, beaded necklaces, beaded shapes, a flower craft, a bumblebee tearing paper craft, and an apple craft fo rkids.

Let me share with you some fantastic fine motor crafts that your preschoolers are sure to love. These activities are ideal for those small hands that are still developing their fine motor skills.

What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills involve the use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers to perform tasks such as writing, drawing, and fastening buttons.

For preschoolers, fine motor skills are essential as they help them with tasks such a writing, cutting with scissors, and manipulating small objects. The more kids work on developing their fine motor skills the better they will be perform these tasks with their little hands.

What Activities Are Good for Building Fine Motor Skills?

There are a number of activities that are great for building fine motor skills. The good news is that most activities are fun things that kids are already doing Some of our favorites include:

Fine Motor Crafts for Preschoolers

While process art should have an important place in the preschool classroom, I think that there is also room for some fun crafts. Why? There are many benefits of crafts for preschoolers. The most important is that crafts provide lots of opportunities to work on fine motor skills! Don’t worry, you can let your kids get creative with crafts!

Now that you know that craft activities are good for building fine motor skills, why not try some fine motor crafts with your preschoolers? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below.

Fine Motor Crafts with Beads

Get out the pony beads and get ready for some colorful beaded creations.

Beaded Necklaces

Stringing beads or pasta is a great activity for fine motor development. It requires the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers to thread the beads onto the string. These beaded feather necklaces are a great opportunity for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills while also making something beautiful that they can wear.

beaded necklaces with cars and trucks on them

Beaded Shape Craft

Instead of beading on string, kids can add beads to pipe cleaners. They can bend the pipe cleaners or craft stems into all kinds of shapes

fine motor craft - shapes made from pipe cleaners and beads

Lookin for a Christmas or winter craft? Your kids love making beautiful beaded snowflakes.

Scissor Skills Crafts

Cutting with scissors is another fine motor skill that is important for preschoolers to master. It requires the use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers to open and close the scissors. These fine motor scissor skills crafts are perfect for giving your preschoolers some practice.

Printable Cutting Practice Sheets

I love these printable cutting practice activities. The fold and cut activities are very exciting for kids. They on the line and then open up the folded paper to reveal an image. Kids can then continue to decoroate the image with crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, yarn, etc.

face fold and cut craft activity and scissor skill activity

If you are looking for a Christmas or winter craft, your kids will have a blast making snowflakes with snowflake templates.

Free Printable Flower Craft

There are many ways that your kids can create flowers with this simple cutting skills activity. They can make them three-dimensional and add buttons, beads, bottle caps to them. Aren’t they are so cute?

Swing over to this blog post to pick up the free flower craft printable.

use a hole punch to add holes to the petals on the flower craft. This is an example of a fine motor craft and how to improve cutting skills and the difference between art and craft in preschool.

Printable Fine Motor Crafts

These printable fine motor crafts were designed specifically to help kids with fine motor skills. There are opportunities for snipping and your kids can practice cutting various types of lines when they cut the shapes out.

dinosaur hole punch craft is an example of printable fine motor crafts and activities for kids

Each printable craft was designed with small circles on some of the pieces so kids can punch them with a hole puncher. If you didn’t already know, hole punch activities are extremely motivating for kids and it builds hand strength.

A grid with a variety of printable fine motor crafts for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The images include a recycling truck, Earth day seedling, astronaut, ladybug, rocket, sun, butterfly, bumble bee, duck, dinosaurs, bunny, chick, frog, flowers, and rainbow crafts to practice scissor skills, build hand strength with hole punch, and pre-writing practice.

Paper Tearing Crafts

Tearing paper is another great fine motor activity for preschoolers. It requires the use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers to rip the paper. These paper tearing crafts are perfect for giving your preschoolers some practice.

fine motor craft - a bumble bee paper tearing activity

Fine motor crafts are a great to engage your preschoolers and help them develop important fine motor skills. So whether you’re looking for some fine motor crafts to do at home or in the classroom, we hope you’ll try some of our favorites. Let us know how your kids enjoyed them.

Printable Fine Motor crafts

Are you ready to work on some fine motor activities and crafts today? Check out these printable fine motor craft activities in the store.

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Additional Fine Motor Crafts