Use These Simple Mazes for Preschoolers to Improve Pre-writing Skills


There are tons of benefits that come along with having your child complete mazes. If your child is having trouble with fine motor skills or struggles to control a crayon when coloring, mazes can be a great way to help them with pre-writing-practice.

Let’s take a look at some simple mazes for preschoolers that you and your kids are going to love.

What is a maze activity?

A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to an exit. Mazes have been used since ancient times to teach problem-solving skills.

Can Preschoolers Do Mazes?

Yes! Mazes are a great activity for preschoolers. Easy printable mazes are the best for 3 and 4-year-olds working on their pre-writing and fine motor skills. Simple mazes are perfect pencil grip activities worksheets. If your kids are not quite ready to complete the lines on a maze, they can begin by finger-tracing the lines.

You can create simple mazes for preschoolers by drawing a path between two stickers on paper. The simple printable mazes pictured here are from my Seasonal Pre-writing Activities.

The simplest mazes contain a single straight or curved line that kids can follow from the starting point to the end. Kids can trace the line with a crayon, pencil, dry erase marker or even their finger.

simple line maze for preschoolers - a fine motor tracing worksheet.

As kids get the hang of the simplest mazes, they can move on to ones with more complex lines or a few turns.

mazes for preschoolers - an example of pencil grip activities worksheets and pencil control activities for preschoolers.
maze for preschoolers - a fine motor tracing worksheet and pencil control activity for preschoolers.

How do mazes help preschoolers?

Mazes help preschoolers build pre-writing skills in a number of ways.

Strengthen finger muscles

Mazes are like fine motor tracing worksheets. They require kids to use their fingers to trace the lines. This helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers.

Improve pencil control

As kids trace the lines in a maze, they need to exercise control over their pencil or crayon. This can help them develop the control they will need to write letters and numbers.

Staying within the narrow paths of a maze requires kids to exercise control and precision. This can help them when coloring or writing, as they’ll need to stay within the lines. Use mazes as pencil control worksheets or activities with your preschoolers.

Improve hand-eye coordination

Mazes require kids to use their eyes to navigate the path while using their hands to trace the lines. This helps to improve hand-eye coordination.

Competing mazes can also improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As your kids navigate the maze, they’ll need to think carefully about each turn they make. This can help them to develop critical problem-solving skills

Additional pre-writing activities

Similar to mazes, this match the image activity is a similar pre-writing activity that your kids will enjoy. To complete this activity, kids must find the matching images and connect them with a line without touching the other images.

mazes and pre-writing activities for preschoolers

The fun seasonal activity is a great way to work on visual discrimination, problem solving, and pre-writing skills.

With so many benefits, mazes are a fun and educational activity for your kids in preschool and pre-k. Try out a few mazes for preschoolers today and see how your kids do with them!

Simple Mazes for Preschoolers in the Store

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pre-writing activities and mazes for preschoolers
pre-writing strokes and lines practice and tracing practice activities for preschoolers