The Best Way to Use Alphabet Dot Letters: 20 Fun Ideas


Check out all these fun ways to use printable alphabet dot letters with your kids. Teach letter recognition and letter formation while providing many opportunities for sensory input and fine motor practice. Your students will love these alphabet activities.

alphabet dot activities

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I love to think of creative ways to use things.  That includes everything from art and craft supplies to recyclables and “trash”.  It also includes printable resources.  Today I’m going to share lots and lots of ways to use alphabet dot pages.  There are soooo many fun ways to use these simple printables for letter activities with your kids.

20 ways to use alphabet dog pages.

The printable alphabet dot pages that you see here can be found in my store.  If you don’t have the resource from my store, you can still do many of these activities using large hand-drawn letters (without dots). I have also included a few affiliate links at the bottom of this post for your shopping convenience. If you purchase something from a link, there will be no additional cost to you, but a small portion of your purchase will be used towards the cost of maintaining this website.

Dot Markers & Stamps

One of the most obvious ways to use these dot alphabet letter pages is with dot markers.  Kids can stamp colored circles onto their pages to create a letter.

Use dot markers and stamps with your alphabet dot letters.

Kids can also use a stamp pad and stampers to add little images to the dots.  Letter stamps are great too.  Do you have an animal lover?  Get a paw print stamp.

You can used themed stamps for your alphabet dot letters.

DIY Stamps and Fingerprints

If you don’t have any stamps, don’t worry.  You can make your own!  Here, I created a stamp from an empty glue stick wrapped in washi tape.  I topped the stamper with a self-adhesive hook and loop tape dot.  This makes a really interesting texture in each dot.  You can also add small foam stickers to the top to make shape stamps.

You can make your own stamp to use with the alphabet dot letters.

The best stamper of all is the one at the end of each child’s fingers.  It’s always fun to add fingerprints to the circles.  This could be a great tie-in to an All About Me Theme.  It’s also fun to get some magnifying glasses out so that your kids can examine the fingerprints more closely.

Using stamps with your alphabet dot letters.

Mini Erasers

I love using mini erasers as counters in math activities, but they can also be used for literacy activities as well.  You can use erasers that coordinate with a theme.

Use mini-erasers with your alphabet dot letters.

You can also put out a smorgasbord of erasers and let kids choose the ones that they want to use.  Having a choice can be very motivating for some kids.  Do some modeling if needed to show kids how to put erasers back when they are done.

Use theme erasers with you alphabet dot letters.


Pick up colorful dot stickers from the office supply store or grab some thematic stickers from the teacher supply store.  Foam stickers are a great option too.  Placing stickers in each dot is also a great fine motor activity.  Show children how to finger trace the letter when they are done.  They will be able to feel the stickers and this will provide some sensory input to help them remember the shape and strokes of each letter.

Use stickers with your alphabet dot letters.

Play Dough, Modeling Dough, or Slime

Laminate an alphabet dot page and add it to a tray with play dough.  You can also use stampers so that kids can add letters to the dough.  We used Mad Mattr in the picture below.  I love the stuff!  It’s kind of squishy and stretchy and sandy….but not nearly as messy as moon sand.  Find product links at the very end of the article.  A small container of slime could be fun too.

Use playdough with your alphabet dot letters.

Paint the Dots

Get out the watercolor and paintbrushes and let your kids paint the dots.  Try different types of paint…tempera, puffy paint, etc.  You can also use different types of paintbrushes or stampers with the paint.

Paint your alphabet dot letters.

Crayons and Markers

If you don’t feel like getting out the paint today, kids can color the dots with crayons or markers.

Dots of Glue

Of course, kids can glue things like pom poms, flowers, etc. to the dots of each letter.  But simply adding dots of glue to each dot on the letters can be just as fun.  This may take some modeling so that kids understand how much glue you want them to use.  If you are brave, you can let kids add glitter, sand, or salt to the wet glue.  Do you want some sparkle without the glittery mess?  Use glitter glue.

Don’t forget to show kids how to finger trace the letters after the glue dries.  In the picture below, we glued a pom-pom to help kids remember the starting point for letter formation.

Using glue dots on your alphabet dot letters.

Craft Noodles

Provide your kids with a bowl full of craft noodles and another container filled with a wet sponge or paper towel.  They will enjoy wetting the end of each noodle and sticking them onto the letters.  Show kids how to lightly trace the letters with their fingers.  This is a great way to get sensory input and work on letter formation.

Use foam noodles with your alphabet dot letters.

Magnetic Chips

Counting chips fit nicely over each dot on the letter pages.  If you use magnetic counting chips, your kids can place the chips……

Use magnetic chips with your alphabet dot letters.

…..and then use a magnetic wand to magically pick them all up.  I even have fun doing this 😊

Clean up is a breeze with the magnetic chips with your alphabet dot letters.


I made some puffball magnets for another game, but they also work great with alphabet dot pages.  Maybe you have some fun thematic magnets that will motivate your kids.  They work well on an inexpensive cookie sheets.

Use magnetic puffballs with your alphabet dot letters.

Thumb Tacks

Attach an alphabet dot page to a bulletin board or to a piece of corkboard.  Kids can stick thumbtacks in each dot.  This is a great fine motor exercise too.

Buttons, Bugs, and Baubles

Buttons, bugs and baubles for your alphabet dot letters.

You can really use any kind of small item to make letters with the alphabet dot pages.  Open your storage closet…and your imagination.  Seeds, beans, beads, small building blocks, and buttons work really well.

Use a theme for your alphabet dot letters.

Are you talking about bugs and insects?  Little plastic bugs or spiders are really fun to use.  It might also be fun to use them along with play dough.

I told you about glitter already, but jewels and sequins can be used too.  Who doesn’t like a little bling?  See what I mean…this is fun trying to think of ideas.

Use googly eyes with your alphabet dot letters.

Finally….one of my favorite ideas is using googly eyes.  This is particularly fun to do around Halloween.  Okay, I’m sure that there are many, many more ways to use these fun alphabet dot pages.  Please share your favorite ideas in the comments below.

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