9 Fun Activities That will Help Your Kids Learn the Alphabet


Add variety to your alphabet instruction with these 9 fun printable alphabet activities for preschoolers. You can even download a sampler of letter A printables to try them out today.

Are you looking for some fun ways to teach the alphabet to your kids?

During the summer I avoided the steamy 100+ temperature by sitting inside reading No More Teaching a Letter a Week by Rebecca McKay and William H. Teale.  Under the cool vent of the AC, I was struck by how many times the authors mentioned that kids benefit from varied and repeated exposure and practice with the alphabet.

I know that I like a little variety when I learn.  How about you?

smiling child who is ready to learn the alphabet with these fun activities!

You do not need to search all over Pinterest for activities that will interest your kids as they learn the letters of the alphabet.

Today, I’m excited to tell you about the 9 different letter activities that are included in my Alphabet Bundle.  The wide variety of activities are great in the classroom literacy centers or for parents to do at home.

They will give you the opportunity to work on alphabet knowledge in many different ways with your kids.

Plus,  you can even sample the printable activities.

How to teach the alphabet

Learning the alphabet involves much more than reciting the alphabet song. Kids learn the alphabet when they

  • learn letter recognition
  • learn letter sounds
  • learn to form letters
  • learn letter names

Kids can learn the alphabet through name activities, by reading books, and through playful multi-sensory alphabet activities.

There are MANY ways to help kids learn letters, and it’s best to provide a variety of activities for alphabet practice.

Let me show you 9 printables to help kids learn the alphabet.

1. Dot Alphabet Activities

The first activity that I want to share is alphabet dot pages.  These printable alphabet dot letters give you a fun way to work on letter recognition, letter formation, and letter-sound knowledge.

Kids can trace the uppercase and lowercase letters with their fingers to learn to recognize the unique features of each individual letter. I love that you can also use these printables to work on fine motor skills.  Kids enjoy placing dot stickers, mini erasers, loose parts, dot markers, pom-poms, or even sticky fingerprints in each circle of the letters.

Use theme erasers with you alphabet dot letters.

From letter crafts to playdough mats, get tons of ideas for using the pages, check out this article about alphabet dot letters.

One of my favorites is to place magnetic discs on the dots and then kids can “sweep” them up with a magnetic wand. Your kids will have so much fun with all the hands-on ways you can use these simple printables.

2. An Alphabet Word Wall

Next, you can create a print-rich environment in your classroom with word wall cards.  The alphabet header cards in this word wall set are large, square cards with a simple border and large uppercase and lower case letters so that kids can focus on what is important…the letters.  Each word card contains a word in a large, clear, simple font along with a simple illustration…..again clear and simple.

Adding name cards to your word wall.

You can also create name cards or custom cards for your word wall.  Kids love seeing some environmental print cards up there too.

Because of the trademarked logos, I can’t add environmental print cards to the printable set.

But….let me share a secret…..

You can make them by using a logo image in place of a child’s photograph.  Have fun creating them. Teachers proudly displayed the Ohio State logo on our word walls when we lived in Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to using the set as a word wall, you can use the resource in pocket charts, on word rings in your writing center. You can also use the word cards and alphabet header cards as a sorting activity, for a word scavenger hunt, or for matching alphabet games.

3. Start with a Dot – Letter Formation Activities

Giving kids the opportunity to produce letters will help them learn to recognize the letters.  This alphabet tracing activity set includes several different cards to help kids learn alphabet recognition and letter formation.

Letter Tracing Cards in a Salt Tray

Finger tracing cards provide a great way to help children learn the differences among the letters.  A starting dot serves as a visual cue to remind them where to start letter formation.

Kids can finger trace the individual letters directly on the cards or can use the cards as a reference as they reproduce the letters in a salt tray, on a blank wall, or in the air with their magic finger.

A salt tray is like a mini sensory bin for letter formation. Do you want to know how to put together a salt tray?  Check out this salt tray post for some great ideas to make an exciting tray for your kids.

alphabet tracing activities in a salt tray - an example of alphabet activities for preschoolers

Create Tactile Letter Cards

You can also use the cards to make tactile letter cards.  Kids love feeling the letters and don’t even realize that they are learning as they do it.  From glitter glue to pipe cleaners, there are so many creative ways to sensory letter cards. Find direction and LOTS of ideas in my article about tactile letters.

Use yarn for your tactile letter activity.

Alphabet Tracing Strips

The set also includes 3 sets of alphabet tracing strips so that kids can also practice letter formation with a real-life writing instrument (not a magic finger).

Each set of tracing strips has a different style of tracing font

  • yellow
  • dotted
  • outlined

Some children may find it easier to see their writing on top of the yellow letters, some children may enjoy the challenge of trying to keep their writing within the lines of the outlined letters. Use the style of tracing stripes that are best for your kids.

letter tracing activities to teach proper letter formation to preschoolers

These are not like old-school letter tracing activities. You know what I mean…the ones with all the arrows and numbers. I do not like those things!

Don’t Distract Me! – Arrows and numbers on tracing letters easily distract me.  I prefer to use a simple green starting dot on my tracing activities. The dot provides a visual clue…an easy way to help kids know where to begin when forming letters and I think it’s the best way to help kids with letter formation.

4. My Favorite – Editable Alphabet Activity Sheets

These editable pages provide endless letter activities for your kids.

Practice letter recognition and phonemic awareness in creative and multi-sensory ways. The full set contains editable lowercase and uppercase letter pages, uppercase and lowercase pages without text,  1 full-color editable cover page, and 1 black and white editable cover page.

2 different alphabet collage printables.  One shows the letter k with keys printed on the letter.  The other shows the letter p with puzzle pieces glued on the page.  - examples of alphabet activities for preschoolers

These letter sheets are my favorite alphabet activities for preschoolers because there are so many ways to use them.

  • Create an alphabet book by binding a cover together with ABC pages.
  • Make a tactile alphabet book and let kids finger trace the letters.
  • Make alphabet pages featuring a child’s name.
  • Create a class name book.
  • Use the sheets, along with small manipulative or toys, as play mats or play dough mats.
  • Create letter activities or art or fun alphabet crafts with the letter sheets.
  • Use the sheets without text as coloring pages or take-home pages.
  • Use the sheets as a fine motor tearing paper activity. Kids can tear up scrap different colors of construction paper and glue it to the large letter.
  • Use alphabet stamps to add letters on the letter page.

If you want to use materials that coordinate with each letter of the alphabet, check out this article for a HUGE list of material ideas for your letter activities.

5. The All-in-One ABC Play Dough & Activity Mats

If you are looking for an easy printable that provides multi-sensory opportunities to practice letter recognition, letter formation, and letter-sound association …all on one page…this alphabet activity mat is it.  The full set contains 26 full-color alphabet mats and 26 black and white alphabet mats.

alphabet activities and playdough mat

Each alphabet mat contains five sections.

  1. Alphabet Square – Children can finger trace the large letters or they can place a coil of play dough, wikki stix, or small objects on top of the letter. They can also color the letters.
  2. Uppercase Alphabet Line– Encourage kids to search for and circle the focus letter among the other letters in the alphabet.
  3. Beginning Sound Examples– Review the objects pictured with your kids.  Name the objects and listen for the beginning sound.   Practice the sound associated with the letter.  Kids can also search for the letter in each word, and/or circle the letter in each word. Kids can color the pictures on the black and white version.
  4. Letter Formation Practice– Here is an opportunity to trace letters and write letters on the lines.
  5. Lowercase Alphabet Line- Finally, kids can search for and circle the focus letter among the other lowercase letters in the alphabet.

6. Alphabet Letter Books That Assemble in a Snap

My little alphabet letter books are simple, uncluttered, and are a great way to help kids understand print.  The simple, predictable text and pictures are easy for kids to read aloud.  Your kids will have the opportunity to practice letter recognition and phonological awareness.

Print the full-page book and use it in the class library and print off the little books for a literacy activity that you can send home with your kids.

Two sizes of books in the easy to assemble little letter books.

Each little book contains a cover, 2-3 picture pages, and a letter tracing page.

  • Kids can finger trace, color or use rainbow writing on the large letters on the cover of each book.
  • There is simple predictable text on each picture page.
  • Kids can read the sentence on the picture pages, circle the letter within the sentence, and color the pictures.
  • The letter formation page provides young children an opportunity to trace and write both capital and lowercase letters. A simple starting dot is a great way to help kids learn letter formation without other distractions.

Busy teachers appreciate that the little books are easy to assemble.  Check out this video to see how easy it is to assemble four books in a snap.

Because so many people started teaching preschool at home during the pandemic, I updated the to include an option where you won’t end up with 4 copies of the same book.

7. Learning Letters with Fine Motor Activities

Get out the q-tips and learn letters and work on fine motor control with these fun cards.  Your kids will learn to recognize letters and proper letter formation (note that the starting point is highlighted) with this fun activity.  Check out this article about learning letters with fine motor activities to get more activity ideas.

A printable letter activity.  The letter s is shown with a q-tip dipped in green paint - and example fo alphabet activities for preschoolers.

8. Sorting Words by Beginning Letter and Sound

This ABC picture sort activity gives children the opportunity to practice phonemic awareness skills. The beginning sound sorting activity includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letter boards as well as 52 picture cards (2 for each letter of the alphabet).

You can assemble the cards so that they have the name of the pictured object written on the backside.

alphabet and beginning sound sorting activity for preschoolers

Ideas for sorting activities and small group games are included.

9. Alphabet Coloring & Activity Pages with a Secret

Finally, these coloring and activity pages will provide children the opportunity to practice letter recognition, letter-sound association, and letter formation. I designed the pages (like many of the activities) in a simple manner so that young kids will not be overwhelmed.

I’m generally not a fan of alphabet worksheets, but these are age-appropriate for little learners with just enough letter practice.

The pages are no-prep….just print, copy, and go!

alphabet activity coloring pages

Flexible Options!  These activity pages come in half sheet and full sheet sizes. There are two pages for the letter “X” (one with x as a beginning letter and one with x as an ending letter) There is one page for all other letters. Use the pages individually or bind them into an abc activity book. Laminate the pages to use them over and over again in a writing center.

Kids can perform the following activities on each page. Don’t forget to find the hidden letters!

  • Color or finger trace large letters.
  • Reinforce letter-sound awareness as they “read” and color pictures for each letter.
  • Trace uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Print uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • PLUS Search for 6 small letters hidden on each page

Sample These 9 Activities Today!

How’s that for a variety of alphabet activities for preschoolers?

child excited about learning letters with fun alphabet activities

You can purchase all 9 of the hands-on activities described above individually, or you can purchase them together in a money-saving bundle. 

Do you want to try out the alphabet activities for preschoolers before purchasing?  Download the free sample of the letter A printables today.  The free alphabet printables sampler includes all of the activities above for the letter A.  To download the activity sample, click on the link below:

Free Alphabet Activity Sample

Purchase the Alphabet Activity Bundle

Click on the image below to purchase the complete alphabet bundle:

alphabet activity bundle

Additional Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers