All About Me Preschool Activity That’s Perfect for Young Kids


Are you looking for activities for your All About Me preschool theme? Here is a simple, one-page printable that is designed specifically for little learners.

all about me printable for preschoolers

I have seen all kinds of All About Me activities on Pinterest.  Many are cute, but unfortunately, they aren’t all appropriate for kids in preschool, pre-k and even kindergarten. Here is a simple All About Me preschool activity page that is perfect for kids young kids.  It is part of my All About Me Activities Bundle in my TPT store, but you can get this all about me printable page free below.

The printable preschool all about me worksheet lets your preschool kids share a few important things about themselves without overwhelming them.  The page is filled with images to help emergent readers understand the text.  Plus, you can easily adapt this activity for kids at many different levels of learning. I think that will be a perfect addition to you all about me lesson plan.

How to Add a Picture to Your All about Me Printable

There is a small square, dotted frame on the page.  Add a picture of a child in each square, or children can use the square to draw a self-portrait.

add a photo to your all about me printable for preschoolers

A photo sizing template is included with the printable. It will help you make sure that the photos are the perfect size for the square.

How to Use the All About Me Preschool Activity Printable

Gather a few mirrors for this activity.   Kids will enjoy looking at themselves while working on the activity page.  Be sure to have plenty of crayons, markers, or colored pencils that represent the eye and hair color of all of your kids.

beginning of the school year all about me activity for preschoolers

Now, let’s talk a closer look at the activity page and you will see why it’s great for young kids.

  • Name – If children are able, they can write their names on the line.  Can’t write their names yet?   You can write their names with a highlighter and ask them to trace the names, or you can just write the names for the kids.
  • Hair Color – Kids can color the crayon image with crayons, markers, or colored pencils to indicate the color of their hair.
  • Eye Color – After examining the color of their eyes in a mirror, kids can color the crayon image to indicate their eye color.
  • Favorite Color – Kids can color the crayon to represent their favorite color.  I also added a second version for my friends who spell it “favourite” and “colour”
  • Favorite Food –  Let kids write the word if they are able or you can write it for them.  There is a second version with “favourite
  • Blank Space –  The bottom of the page is blank and you can use it for a variety of activities:
    • Kids can draw a picture of themselves, their favorite food, a store about themselves, a picture of their family, their favorite activity…..
    • Use this space for handprints or fingerprints.
    • Attach a family picture.
all about me printable for preschoolers with a handprint

When the pages are complete you can compile them into a class book, send them home, or include them in your kids’ portfolios.

Download Your All About Me Preschool Printable

I love the way the document looks when printed on brightly colored paper!  To get your copy of the printable, fill out the form below:

all about me preschool activity free printable

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