The Best All About Me Books For Preschoolers


Young kids love themselves and are excited to celebrate their uniqueness during an all about me theme. Here is a huge list of books for preschoolers that you can use for reading aloud during your all about me unit.

All About Me Books for Preschoolers

Be You! – This book presents a beautiful message that is meaningful for both young and old. It encourages you and your kids to be proud to be yourself.

Be you book for kids

Marvelous Me – The main character, Alex, tell us what makes him special…or a superhero. This book encourages kids to think about what makes them special.

Marvelous me book for kids

Incredible Me! – This time, an energetic young girl explores what makes her special. It’s a great introduction to self-esteem.

Incredible Me book for kids

I Like Me! With cute illustrations, this book has a message that we should try again when we make mistakes.

I like me book for kids

What I Like About Me! – Help foster self-esteem with this fun book that even includes a mirror in the back. The message is that being different makes us special.

What I like about me book for preschool

Arm Pits? – This cute book talks about various body parts and their functions. Of course…we have armpits for tickling 🙂

Arm Pits? book

I’m Gonna Like Me – Jamie Lee Curtis’ book teaches kids to love themselves when they do good things AND when they make mistakes.

I'm Gonna Like Me children's book

I Can Be Anything! – This title is a sweet and silly take on the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I can be anything book

The Colors of Us – The author celebrates diversity in skin color and describes all of the different skin tones as something delicious

The colors of us book

The Skin You Live In -Here is another book that uses delicious food to describe our skin’s different colors. This book celebrates a beautiful message. “Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in so beautifully holds the you who’s within.”

The skin you live in book

Whoever You Are – You can help children recognize our similarities and accept and celebrate our differences with the simple text in this book.

whoever you are book

It’s OK to be Different – The author highlights how kids are different and encourages them to be friends with and be kind to people who are different from themselves.

It's ok to be different book for kids

Be Who You Are! – This is a colorful and fun book that reminds kids that their uniqueness is something to celebrate.

be who you are book

All About Me -A non-fiction book that introduces kids to the parts of their bodies.

all about me book

Shades of People – This book helps foster an appreciation for all people as it celebrates all shades of people.

shades of people book

Chrysanthemum – This book teaches kids about kindness and encourages them to embrace everyone’s uniqueness. It is ideal for the first week of school when kids are learning the names of their classmates.

Chrysanthemum book

Additional Books for an All About Me Theme

In addition to these fun titles, you can make your own books to use with your kids. Many times, these DIY books are the most popular books in a class library. Learn about all about me class books for your kids.

Class books are often the most engaging books in a preschool or kindergarten classroom reading corner. Click to find 20 fun ideas and learn how to make DIY class books for kids at school & home. From Pete the cat, brown bear brown bear, chicka chicka boom boom, and MORE. Use these fun books to teach letters, rhyming, beginning sounds, and other literacy concepts. This is a fun way to build a classroom community at the beginning of the year during an all about me unit and beyond.