20 of the Best Interactive Books for Kids


Make storytime exciting for your preschoolers with these fun, interactive books. Interactive picture books are books that require some participation or interaction from the reader.

Here is a big list of the best interactive books for kids.  Make storytime exciting for your preschoolers with these fun hands-on books.

What Are Interactive Books?

Interactive books include lift-the-flap books, touch & feel books, and other types of hands-on books.

Why Are Interactive Books Important?

You can create excitement about literacy and make storytime fun for your preschool-age kids by using interactive books. Kids get very excited about books when they can engage with a book.

The Best Interactive Book Ideas

Here are some of the best interactive books for your kids. Give some of them a try and let me know what you think.

Press Here – This book encourages you and your kids to press, shake, and tilt the book. Your kids will be delighted to see what happens when you turn each page.

Mix It Up! – Teach your kids about combining colors with this fun interactive book. Your kids will have fun mixing colors WITHOUT the messy cleanup.

Don’t Push the Button – When someone tells me NOT to push the button, it makes me curious to see what happens when I push it. Can I get an amen? This silly monster book celebrates our natural curiosity.

If your kids enjoy Don’t Push the Button, they will also enjoy these titles by Bill Cotter.

Tap the Magic Tree – Your kids can help the lonely tree change as the seasons change by tapping, patting, clapping, and wiggling.

If your kids are Tap the Magic Tree fans, check out these additional titles by author Christie Matheson.

When I say OOH You Say AAH – Your kids can help tell this silly story by responding to the book’s verbal and visual cues. The book is hilarious, but be warned, it does contain innocent underpants humor.

I say Ooh You Say Aah Book

Huff and Puff – Kids can play the Big Bad Wolf part in this interactive version of the 3 Little Pigs tale. This version has a lovely twist at the end.

Huff and Puff Book

Don’t Wake Up the Tiger – Through the repetitive prose, your kids can help keep the tiger sleeping as the other animals prepare for the sweet surprise ending.

Don't Wake Up the Tiger Book

Bunny Slopes – Kids can shake, tilt, and turn this book to help Bunny ski down the slope in this fun book. It’s a great interactive winter-themed book for your kids.

Bunny Slopes Book

Play This Book – This book serves as a great introduction to various musical instruments and is perfect for a music or 5 senses theme. The author invites kids to “play” the instruments on each page.

Play This Book

I Got the Rhythm – Your kids can sniff, snap, shake, and clap along as a little girl hears rhythm in her neighborhood.

I Got the Rhythm Book

Give & Take – Kids press out a shape on each page of this book and use it to complete a picture on the next page. This interactive book allows them to work on shape recognition and motor skills.

Give and Take Book

Cat Secrets – Your kids will have to perform some cat acts to prove that they are a cat as you read this silly book.

Cat Secrets Bppl

One Red Dot – Kids can search each of the 10 pop-up sculptures to find the one red dot.

One Red Dot Book

Don’t Wake the Dragon – While everyone in the castle is making noise, your kids will help make sure that the dragon stays asleep.

Don't Wake the Dragon

What’s Next Door? – Kids can help the crocodile find his way home by tracing the lines in the book with their fingers to create new doors for him to go through.

What's Next Door Book

Can You Make a Scary Face? – From the author of my favorite rhyming book, this fun interactive book is great for a group of kids. The bossy ladybug instructs kids to do a variety of silly actions.

Can You Make A Scary Face? Book

Make Your Own Interactive Books

You can also make custom interactive books for your kids. In fact, some of the most popular books on a classroom bookshelf are the homemade class books.

Class books are often the most engaging books in a preschool or kindergarten classroom reading corner. Click to find 20 fun ideas and learn how to make DIY class books for kids at school & home. From Pete the cat, brown bear brown bear, chicka chicka boom boom, and MORE. Use these fun books to teach letters, rhyming, beginning sounds, and other literacy concepts. This is a fun way to build a classroom community at the beginning of the year during an all about me unit and beyond.

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