The Best Weather Books for Preschool Kids


How do you explain weather to your preschool kids? When I was a child, the weather was something that both delighted and scared me. Here are some great books to help your kids understand all types of weather.

This big list of weather books for preschool will help you explain weather to your kids.  Find books about all seasons and weather conditions.

These books will be great for your weather-theme storytime. They will be a great addition to your science center, a weather station dramatic play area, or these books for preschoolers are great for your class library.

All About Weather – The beautiful illustrations and simple yet informative text will help your kids learn about the weather and seasons.

All about weather book

Wow! Weather! –  Help children understand weather concepts like temperature, hurricanes, tornados, hail, thunderstorms, snow, lightning, and the sun in a simple way with this picture book.

Wow! Weather book for preschool

Books About Rain

Splish! Splash! A Book About Rain – With simple illustrations, the author, explains rain in an easy to understand way.

Splish! Splash! A Book About Rain

Worm Weather – With super-cute illustrations and simple text, your kids can see how the rain affects the world above and below the ground.

Worm Weather books for preschool

Rain – The animals know that rain is coming. They can hear, smell, see and feel it. This title is also a great book when you are studying the 5 senses.

Rain book for preschool

Books About Clouds

Explore My World Clouds – With beautiful photos and simple to read text, help your kids learn about clouds.

Clouds book for preschool

Little Cloud – The little cloud experiments with changing into different shapes in this lovely story.

Little Cloud book for preschool

It Looked Like Spilt Milk – A classic children’s book. The white shapes against the blue background keep kids guessing until the surprise ending.

It looked like spilt mild book

Shapes in the Sky A Book About Clouds – Teach kids about the different types of clouds with the beautiful illustrations in this picture book.

Shapes in the Sky A Book About Clouds for preschool

Clouds – Here is another book that will help you teach kids about the different types of clouds.

Clouds book for kids

Books About Wind

I Face the Wind – This book is a great science book that teaches kids about the concept of air and encourages kids to try simple experiments.

I face the wind weather book for kids

Like a Windy Day – This book will help you see, in a playful way, how the wind affects us.

Like a windy day book

The Wind Blew – A rhyming story about how the wind effects us.

The Wind Blew Book

Gusts and Gales A Book About Wind – Learn about different types of winds and extreme wind weather.

Gust and Gales a Book About Wind

Feel the Wind – Help kids understand the science of wind in an understandable way.

Feel the WInd book about weather

Books About the Sun

Sunlight – Explore how the sun creates warmth, light, seasons, and weather with this non-fiction book.

Sunlight book for kids

Sunshine Make the Seasons – Teach kids about the sun and how it impacts the seasons in a fun way.

Sunshine Makes the season book

Books About Snow

You can also find more books about snow on this list of winter books for preschoolers.

All About Winter Weather

All about winter weather book

What Can You See in Winter?

What can you see in witner? book

Books About Clothing

Ready for the Weather – Help your kids think about how to prepare for different types of weather.

Ready for Weather book

Additional Weather Activities

Are you looking for additional weather activities for your kids? Check out this weather station dramatic play area.

Your kids will have fun learning about the weather when you set up a weather station dramatic play area. Encourage pretend play, math, science, and literacy learning with these ideas and printables. Perfect for a weather theme unit or lesson plans in your #preschool #prek or #kindergarten classroom. Spring, summer, fall & winter ..... use all year (in the science center and at circle time too). Click to get ideas for DIY, props, set up, and experiment ideas. #dramaticplay #learnthroughplay

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