The Best Preschool Science Books


Are you looking for books to add to supplement your science activities, to add to your science center or science-themed dramatic play area? Perhaps you are looking for some preschool book ideas to inspire your young scientist? Here is a list of some of the best preschool science books for your kids.

The best preschool science books for kids

Encourage Kids to Think Like a Scientist

What Is Science? – With beautiful illustrations, this book provides a great overview of science for young kids.

What is Science books

What is a Scientist? – The simple text will help your kids see that they are scientists.

What is a Scientist? book

Look, I’m a Scientist – This book begins by showing kids how to use all of their senses to be scientists and then shows them several simple experiments that they can try.

Look, I'm a Scientist Book

Ada Twist, Scientist – Ada will encourage your kids to be curious.

Ada Twist, Scientist book

Charlotte, the Scientist, is Squished – Although Charlotte struggles to find the space to conduct her scientific investigation, she uses the scientific method to solve her problems.

Charlotte the Scientist is Squished book

I Use Science Tools – Use the photographs in this book to introduce your kids to the tools to help them with their scientific explorations.

I Use Science Tools book

I Know a Scientist

I Know a Scientist book

Cece Love Science – Cece, a budding scientist, conducts a simple experiment on her dog and simplifies the scientific method for your kids in the process.

Cece Loves Science book

Physical Science Books

A Look at Magnets – The bright, bold photos in this book provides an explanation of magnets for your kids.

A Look at Magnets book

Floating and Sinking – Use this book as an introduction to density.

Floating and Sinking book

Hot and Cold – With familiar examples, this book explores the concept of hot and cold.

Hot and Cold book

Matter See it, Taste it, Smell it – Show kids how solids, liquid, and gases change form.

Matter: See it, Touch It, Taste it, Smell It book

Solids, Liquids, and Gases – Give your kids an introduction to solids, liquids, and gasses with this simple book.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases book

Change It! Solids, Liquids, Gases, and You – Here is another title that will help your kids understand the states of matter.

Change It! Solids, Liquids, Gases and You book.

All About Matter

All About Matter book

I Fall Down – Use this book to explain the concept of gravity in an easy-to-understand way. Kids can also test the concepts.

I Fall Down book

Sound: Loud, Soft, High, and Low – Explore the concepts of sound with this delightful book.

Earth Science Books

Dirt: The Scoop on Soil – With great illustrations, this book provides basic knowledge about soil for your kids.

Dirt: The Scoop on Soil book

Jump Into Science: Sand – Help your kids learn all about sand…from how sand is formed, why it’s on a beach, to why it is different colors.

Sand: Jump into Science book

A Tree for All Seasons – Teach your kids about the seasons with the beautiful photographs in this book.

A tree for all seasons book

Me and My Place in Space – Introduce your kids to the solar system with this fun book.

Me and My Place in Space Book

Watching the Seasons – Explore the seasons with the beautiful photography in this little book.

Watching the Seasons book

Drop – Introduce your kids to the water cycle in a fun way through the adventures of this little drop of water.

Drop an Adventure Through the Water Cycle book

The Simple Science of Rocks – The photographs in this book will help kids learn about different types of rocks.

If You Find a Rock – With its beautiful language and photos, this book will encourage your kids to appreciate the beauty of rocks.

If You Find a Rock book

Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough – Teach kids about different types of rocks with this introduction to geology.

Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough book - Preschool science books

Life Science Books

Daylight Starlight Wildlife – Through gorgeous illustrations, the author shows your kids nocturnal and diurnal animals.

Daylight Startlight Wildlife - Preschool science books

Living or Nonliving?– This book does a great job helping your kids understand the difference between living and nonliving things.

Living and Nonliving book - a science book for preschoolers

What Do Living Things Need? – Help your kids understand that living things need food, shelter, water, and air to survive.

What Do Living Things Need?  Life science books for preschool

Living Things and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book – This book challenges your kids to THINK about living and non-living things through stunning photographs. It will promote discussions about exceptions to the criteria.

Living Things and Nonliving Things - life science books for preschoolers

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden – Introduce your kids to the pumpkin life cycle with this book.

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden Book

Roots – Show your kids what roots look like and how they work.

Roots - a life science books for preschool.

Science Resources in the Store

Now that you have lots of ideas to fill you class library with science books for kids, you are ready for some hands-on science activities for your kids. Check out the engaging resources in my store.

Additional Science Books for Kids

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