30 of the Best Fine Motor Math Activities for Preschoolers


Are you looking for some great ideas for hands-on math activities for your kids? Here are over 30 fun fine motor math activities for preschoolers.

fine motor math activities for preschoolers

Fine Motor Counting Activities

Tongs or Tweezers

You can find many fine motor tools in your kitchen.

Grab a pair of tongs from your kitchen drawer. Add a set of number cards and some counters (like mini erasers or pom-poms) and you have a great fine motor counting activity.

fine motor counting activity

Kids can use a fine motor tool to add a number of items to this maker mat.

fine motor counting activity

Building Numbers

Use small blocks, or unifix cubes to represent numbers.

build numbers with blocks

You can also build Lego or Duplo number towers – by Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Counting and Measuring with Legos – The Imagination Tree

Clip Counting Activities

Pick up some clips at the dollar store and kids can count and add the clips to a numbered craft stick or wooden paint stick.

clips on a popsicle stick for fine motor math activity

Use count & clip cards. You can use number clip cards with clothespin clips, binder clips, or paperclips.

number clip cards fine motor math activity

Counting with Beads

Combine craft, counting, and fine motor together with these winter counting necklaces.

counting necklace

Kids can count beads on pipe cleaners – an idea from Laughing Kids Learn

Add beads to spaghetti noodles – an idea by the Imagination Tree

Hole Punch Counting

Kids LOVE using a hole puncher. Provide some number cards or dice along with some hole punch strips and you have an exciting math activity.

hole punch strip and die for a fine motor math activity

Hole punch books are also a super fun fine motor and math activity.

hole punch number book combines fine motor and math activities

Combine Math & Cutting Practice

Make little number books with these free cutting practice mini book templates.

make a number book as a scissor skill and fine motor math activity

Cutting strips and counting practice – Provide a strip of paper, a pair of scissors, and a die. Kids can roll the die and cut that number of squares off their strip.

use snip strips as a fine motor counting activity

Sticker Math Activities

You can also use stickers for simple fine motor math activities. Create a number book with stickers

make a number book for a fine motor math activity

Add dot stickers to number cards or boxes – by Busy Toddler

Dot sticker Uno math – by Happy Toddler Playtime

Playdough Math Activities

Playdough activities provide an opportunity for open-ended play along with a great fine motor and sensory experience for kids. It is also pretty easy to introduce math concepts into playdough play.

Playdough Mats

Use number playdough mats or shape playdough mats.

number playdough tray

Playdough Trays & Kits

I love to put together a creative playdough tray or a playdough kit. Add number cards, magnetic numbers, or plastic number tiles along with the materials to encourage playful math activities.

bug playdough tray for fine motor math

Fine motor math playdough kit in ocean theme

Fine Motor Patterning Activities

Here is another fine motor activity with kitchen items. Use toothpicks, a sheet of foam, and cereal to make a colorful (and yummy) counting, patterning, and/or sorting activity.

fine motor math activity with cereal on toothpicks

You can make a similar activity with golf tees – by Buggy and Buddy

Kids can also create patterns with beads on pipe cleaners, or they can create patterns as they create a necklace or bracelet.

Don’t forget that you can use office supplies for fine motor activities. It’s super easy to make a pattering activity with colored paperclips and some card stock.

fine motor math activity with paperclips

Use stickers or craft noodles to make a patterned caterpillar, or kids can use tongs to place colored pom-poms on the caterpillar segments.

fine motor math patterning activity caterpillar craft with craft noodles

Fine Motor Shape Activities

Use mini erasers or rolls of playdough to outline shapes on a playdough mat.

fine motor math activity with mini erasers on a shape mat

Add stickers to the outline of a shape by Busy Toddler

Construct shapes with popsicle sticks, Legos or toothpicks

Fine Motor Graphing and Sorting Activities

Use tongs or tweezers to sort objects like mini-erasers or counters onto a sorting mat.

fine motor math activity with mini eraser

Kids can also sort objects into divided containers, egg cartons, muffin tins, etc.

fine motor math sorting activity with fall leaves

Are you ready to try out one of these fun fine motor math activities? Let me know which one is your favorite.

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