15 of the Top Monster Books for Kids


From old favorites to new tales, check out this list of my favorites – the top monster books for kids. They are the perfect addition to your monster theme circle time.

Best Monster books for kids.

Top Monster Books for Kids

Are you looking for some fun books to use for your monster theme or Halloween theme unit or lesson plans?  Here is a list of some of my favorite monster books for kids.

Goodnight Little Monster

Little Monster prepares for bed in this sweet rhyming book.  I love his creep routine and it’s nice to see that even little monsters are scared at bedtime.

The Monster at the End of This Book

This is an old-school Sesame Street book starring Grover from Sesame Street.  It’s a silly book that will really get your kids to giggle.  Will you turn the page?

My Monster Momma Loves Me So

The Monster Momma loves her little one so much!  Your kids will delight in her interesting displays of affection in this rhyming book.  I really loved the snack…. cookies filled with bugs and lizard juice 🙂

Spider Sandwiches

Max is a very hungry monster with a very UNUSUAL appetite.  Your kids will crack up when they hear about his menu.

Monster Needs a Costume

This one combines monsters and Halloween fun.  Kids will be able to relate to the monster’s excitement as he searches for the perfect costume.

Elmer and the Monster

Elmer is brave enough to investigate the reports of a monster in this suspenseful book. But is it really a monster, or a misunderstanding?

Go Away Big Green Monster

This is a fun way to work on learning colors and facial features.

If You’re a Monster and You Know It

Get kids moving with this fun book.  They can stomp their paws, snort & growl, and twitch their tail.  I LOVE the artwork in this book.

Monster Be Good

Kids can help the monster learn manners and may even pick up a few tips for themselves with this sweet and silly book.

Glad Monster Sad Monster

Monsters can be angry, glad, or worried. This book provides a great way to talk about feelings with kids.

Love Monster

Monster feels unloved, so he looks for someone to love him.  Here is another sweet book to help you explore feelings.  This is a good story for adults too 😊

The Color Monster

This book will help kids understand their emotions and it provides an opportunity to discuss how to control emotions.  This book associates emotions with colors, so it’s a good way to learn colors too.

Creepy Monster, Sleepy Monster

This is a short, fantastic rhyming book for kids.  Monsters, just like kids have a hard time going to sleep.

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli

Silly monsters may not like healthy green vegetables in this fun rhyming book.  Your picky eaters will enjoy learning what “foods” monsters prefer instead.  But wait….maybe monsters do like broccoli after all….

The Gruffalo

The clever mouse frightens his predators with tales of the Gruffalo.  When the Gruffalo actually appears, the mouse is also too clever for him.   I love the lyrical, rhyming text in this selection.

Well, I hope that you enjoy these top monster books for kids.  Do you have some favorite books that I left out? I would love to hear your favorites. Check out these additional books for preschoolers.