Winter Math: How to Make a Fun Winter Weigh Station


Are you looking for fun winter math activity ideas for your preschoolers? Find LOTS of great ideas to help you easily create a winter-themed weighing station today.

You have all been so excited about the weigh station ideas that I have posted, so now I have some winter-themed ideas for you.  The cool thing about creating a weighing station is that you can easily switch out the materials in the containers so that they coordinate with a seasonal or thematic unit or lesson plan.

The Winter Weight Activity printables pictured in this article are can be purchased in my store, but you can do the activity without the printables. To learn more, you can also check out my original article about how to set up a weighing station in your classroom.

Winter-Themed Materials

I always have so much fun trying to find materials to fill the little containers for a weigh station.  Once again, it is important to use containers that are the same size. Be sure to use small containers that will fit into the bucket of your balance scale.  I used small plastic baby food containers.

Find about 5-8 materials with differing weights and add them to the little containers.  You probably don’t even have to run out and get anything special. Here are a BUNCH of material ideas for a winter-themed weigh station.

Snowman Parts

  • snowmen: snowmen ornaments or erasers
  • scarves: strips of felt or fleece with fringe on the ends
  • snowman mouth: pieces of coal or small black rocks
  • snowman arms: small twigs
  • mittens: baby mittens or Christmas ornament mittens
  • snow: buffalo snow, foam beads, baking soda, fleece, or batting
  • snowman noses: orange foam triangles, orange pipe cleaners, mini carrots
  • snowman eyes: black buttons
  • snowballs: white pom-poms, crumbled paper, or foam balls

Winter-Themed Animals

  • polar bear noses: black pom-poms
  • penguins: penguin erasers, plastic toy penguins, penguin game pieces
  • polar bear tails: white pom-poms or cotton balls
  • birdseed: birdseed or sunflower seeds
  • polar bears: polar bear erasers or small plastic toys

Craft Materials

  • glitter: small containers of glitter
  • sequins: use wintery colors if you like
  • yarn: strips of yarn or small balls of yarn
  • beads: part of a beaded necklace or garland, loose beads
  • gems: craft gems or vase fillers

Additional Ideas

  • icicles: plastic ornaments or twists of metallic pipe cleaners
  • hot cocoa: hot cocoa mix
  • marshmallows: mini marshmallows
  • logs: thick twigs or small branches
  • evergreen: small sprigs from garland or craft picks, sprigs from a live tree
  • snowflakes: small ornaments or stickers
  • blanket: pieces  of fleece
  • ice cubes: plastic ice cubes
  • socks: baby or doll socks

I tape the containers closed so that kids won’t spill the contents.  Then, they are all ready for the winter math weighing station.

Valentine’s Day Materials

Valentine’s Day falls within the winter season, so you can also add some Valentine-themed materials into the mix.

Here are some Valentine’s Day material ideas:

  • roses: small silk roses or rose petals
  • conversation hearts: candy or erasers
  • hearts: candy, vase fillers, foam stickers, mini erasers, or cut paper hearts
  • valentine cards: small cards or DIY cards
  • candy kisses: foil covered kiss candy
  • jewelry: beads or play jewelry
  • cookies: small valentine cookies

Comparing Weights

Now that you have your materials gathered for this winter math activity, get out a balance scale and let kids compare the weights of the materials.  Which material is the heaviest?  Which is the lightest?  How can you tell?

The Scientific Method

This activity also provides a great way for kids to experience the scientific method.  Check out the original measurement activities article for all of the details

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