Are you looking for Christmas preschool science center ideas?


Are you looking for fun, hands-on holiday or Christmas science activities for preschoolers? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect ideas for your December math or discovery center. 

Your kids are going to love these preschool Christmas preschool science center ideas. Get out your balance scale because I’m going to show you how to set up a holiday-themed weight activity today.

You can combine learning about the scientific method, measuring and comparing mass and weight, and the FUN of the holiday season with these fun ideas for your science center. These measurement activities will keep your kids thoroughly engaged.

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Preschool Christmas science center ideas - a colorful balance scale, containers filled with bows and candy canes, and weight activity printables

I know that science can be a little intimidating sometimes, so I love to share ideas for easy preschool science activities. Easy scientific discovery gets even better when you add a seasonal twist. That’s why I know you will enjoy these fun ideas for Christmas science activities for preschoolers.

In an earlier article, I showed you how I used my stash of little plastic containers to create a fun measurement activity for kids.  Now, I want to show you how you can easily make a holiday version of the weighing station.

The Christmas Weight Activity printables pictured in this article can be purchased in my store, but you can do the activity without the printables.

Containers for Your Holiday Weigh Activity

Just like in the previous article, I started to get ready for this weight activity by finding some little plastic containers. Make sure that the containers fit into the bucket of a balance scale and that they are the same size.  Plastic baby food containers work perfectly, but you can also find small containers at the Dollar Store.

Use containers that are the same size. This will help kids understand that things that are the same size can have different masses.

What Materials Can You Use in Your Holiday-Themed Activity

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for these fun Christmas preschool science center ideas

Check out your supply closet, craft bins, and holiday decor to find some small items to fill the containers.  You can also find some inexpensive holiday-themed materials at the dollar store.  If you can’t celebrate the holidays in your classroom, you can use gingerbread or winter-themed materials.

Ideas for supplies and fillers for your Christmas weight activity.   Preparing containers of pine cones, gum drops, peppermint candy, silk poinsettias, and gift bows for containers to use in the preschool Christmas science center

Here are a bunch of ideas for fun materials to weigh:

Gingerbread Theme Materials

  • gumdrops
  • candy canes
  • lollipops
  • red licorice
  • gingersnaps
  • gingerbread erasers

Winter Theme Materials

  • mini snowflake ornaments or erasers
  • snow (buffalo snow, cotton batting, or baking soda)
  • snowballs (cotton balls or white pom-poms)
  • pine cones
  • evergreen sprigs
  • marshmallows
  • hot cocoa mix

Additional Materials

  • red and green sequins, gems, or beads
  • mini gift ornaments
  • bells
  • birthday candles in holiday colors
  • ribbons, bows
  • pieces of garland
  • reindeer noses (red beads or pom-poms)
  • wrapping paper
  • berries or poinsettias

How to Prepare the Containers for the Christmas Activity

Prepare five or more containers of differing weights for kids to compare. Tape or glue the containers closed to prevent kids from spilling or nibbling on the contents.

The printable activity set in my store includes a wide variety of material cards plus some editable templates to create some custom cards. Use the cards to totally customize your Christmas science activities for preschoolers to meet your needs.

Customized label for a container of Santa hats used in a Christmas preschool science center ideas article about a weight activity

Use the Scientific Method to Compare Weights

This activity provides a great way for kids to experience the scientific method.  Check out the original measurement activities article for all of the details.

Christmas science activities for preschoolers - a Christmas-themed weight activity with a balance scale and holiday themed items to weigh

You can easily walk kids through a simplified version of the scientific method as they use this Christmas science activity.  The scientific method includes these steps:

  1. Make observations
    • What kinds of materials do you see in the containers?
    • What do you notice about the containers?
  2. Form questions
    • What happens when you place a container in a bucket?
    • What happens when you place another one in the second bucket?
    • Why do you think that happened?
  3. Develop a hypothesis or prediction
    • Before putting them in the buckets, ask them to predict what they think will happen….why?
  4. Experiment to test the hypothesis
    • Was the prediction correct?
    • Which container is heavier?….and which one is lighter?
  5. Gather and record the results
    • Make notes or draw pictures in a notebook to record results
    • organize the containers by lightest to heaviest
  6. Share and discuss the results
    • Were you surprised by the results?  Why?
    • Do you think you will get the same results if you weigh them tomorrow?
    • What happens if you put the containers in different buckets on the scale?
    • Do you think the lighter item is heavier than another container on the table?

I hope you have fun filling your containers for these fun Christmas science activities for preschoolers.  Do you have some additional preschool Christmas science center ideas?  I would love to hear them.

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