Make a Game Spinner with a Brad and Paperclip


Did you know that you can make a game spinner with a couple of supplies from the office supply store?

Sometimes customers ask me questions about how to assemble the game spinners that are included with many of my products.

How to make a game spinner

I usually use spinner parts that I purchase at the teacher supply store to complete my spinners.  If you are not sure what I’m talking about, here is an affiliate link to a game spinner on Amazon.  If you don’t have a game spinner, don’t worry because you can also use a paperclip and a brad to create your spinners.  Check out the tutorial below to see how I do it.

If you need a printable game spinner, you can download one with the freebie ten-frame and spinner that I posted a few months back.

Making a game spinner with a brad and a paper clip.

Below is the game spinner that I used in the article and video.   The links below are affiliate links.  If you happen to purchase something from the link, there will be no additional cost to you, but I may earn a small portion of the sale and can use that to maintain this website.