Flower Literacy Activities


Your kids will love this hands-on flower theme literacy activity. Use it to teach letters, letter recognition, letter sounds, and beginning sounds.

This flower theme literacy activity printable is one of my favorite resources in my store.  I had so much fun designing each of the flowers and I love how kids can place them inside each of the flowerpots.  The resource is a great hands-on learning activity to help you teach letters of the alphabet and beginning sounds.

Flower Literacy activities

What is Included in the Resource

The resource comes with many different components to give you many opportunities to customize the activity to meet the needs of your students.  The following items are included in the Flower Pot Literacy Resource:

  • lowercase letter flowers
  • uppercase letter flowers
  • beginning sound flowers with labels
  • beginning sound flowers without labels
  • lowercase flower pots
  • uppercase flower pots

How to Assemble the Hands-on Activity

What makes this resource so unique is that the flower pots are actually little pouches and the letter or beginnings sound flowers can be placed in each flower pot pouch.

You will need to do some assembling to create the pouches.  If you don’t have time for assembly or if you don’t like crafty projects, you can just cut out the front, colored portion of each flower pot and use it for a matching activity.  But…..I guarantee that it’s worth the time to assemble the flower pots.

Kids love “planting” flowers in each pot.

Kids love "planting" flowers in each pot.

You will find step-by-step assembly instructions in the resource directions, but I will give you a quick overview of how to assemble the pots.  After printing the alphabet flower pots, you will need to cut them out.

After printing your flowerpots for your flower literacy activity, go ahead and cut them out.

Fold the flowerpots in half and place the folded pots inside a laminating pouch.

Fold your flowerpot in half and place it inside a laminated pouch for your flower literacy activity.

After laminating the pouches, cut them out so that a border of the laminate holds the sides together.  Finally, you will need to cut a slit in the laminate on the top of the flowerpot to create an opening.

TADA!  You can feel proud that you made such a cute activity for your kids.

Many Opportunites for Literacy Learning

There are 4 different flowers and 2 different flowerpots for each letter of the alphabet. Because there are so many options for each letter, you can easily adapt the activity to the need of your kids.

There are many different ways to use this flower literacy activity.

Your kids can match uppercase letters to uppercase letters, lowercase to lowercase letters, or uppercase to lowercase letters.

You can match upper and lower case letters in this flower literacy activity.

Kids can match beginning sound flowers.  Encourage them to look for the first letter of each labeled word and listen for the sound as they say the word.

Kids can match beginning sound flower s in this flower literacy activity.

Finally, the beginning sound flowers can be placed in the matching flower pot.  If your kids are just beginning to understand the concept of the initial sounds of words, use the flower cards with labels.  To make the activity more challenging, use the flower cards without labels.

Beginning sounds can be added to the flower pot with labels or for more of a challenge use the flower cards without labels.

Additional Activity Ideas

Here are some additional ideas for using the resource

Add magnets to the flower pots and use on a magnet board or on a cookie sheet for more fun with this literacy activity.

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Are you ready to try these flower literacy activities with your kids?  The Flower Literacy Activities is part of my Flower Bundle and can be purchased individually as well. Click on the images below to purchase a resource today.