How to Make Fun Literacy Activities with a Free Editable Hand Printable


Use this free editable template to create a custom and fun literacy activity for your kids. Teach letter recognition, phonemic awareness, sight words, rhyming, word families, etc…

Here are some ideas for fun literacy activities using my editable handprint cards.  When you download the cards, you will be able to customize them with your own text so that you can tailor activities to meet your needs.

High five literacy activities.

Download Your Free Template

To customize your activity, you will first need to download the hand card template.  To get your document, click on the link below:

High Five Literacy Activity Template

Download your high five fun literacy printable.

Add Text to Customize Your Literacy Activity

When you open the document you will see a page with 3 left hands and a page with 3 right hands.  In the middle of each hand you will see a blue rectangle.  Click on each blue rectangle and you can add your own text.  You can make an alphabet activity, a sight word activity, a name activity, a rhyming activity….whatever you like.  Having troubles with the document, you can try these troubleshooting tips.

High five literacy activities.

Print, Laminate, and Cut

After adding your custom text, it’s time to print the document.  Don’t worry… the blue rectangles will not be on the document when you print.  Laminate the pages if you wish and cut them out on the dotted lines.

Cut out your hands for this high five literacy activity.

Literacy Activity Ideas

Here are just a few literacy activities that you can create with the hand cards:

Matching Games – Create a coordinating left and right-hand pair and ask kids to find the match.  Use them for letter activities, name activities, rhyming activities, etc.  Kids can match:

  • Uppercase to lowercase letters
  • uppercase to uppercase letters
  • lowercase to lowercase letters
  • sight words
  • names
  • words that start with the same letter
  • word families
  • rhyming words
  • names (first name to first name or first name to last name)
So many different literacy games with this fun printable activity.

High Five Games – Attach prepared hand cards to a wall or a door so that kids can give a “high five” to a card.  As they “high five”, kids can:

  • name the letter on the card
  • make the sound associated with the letter
  • say the name on the card
  • say the word on the card

Kids can also “high five” cards that:

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