Fun Scissor Practice with Mini Cutting Books – Free Printable


Kids can get scissor practice & build hand strength in a fun way with this free printable mini-book template. This fine motor activity is fun & meaningful for kids.

Sometimes the kids who need scissor practice the most are the ones who also avoid it the most.

Part of their struggle could be that they need to work on hand strength and fine motor skills before they can operate scissors.  Part of the struggle could also be that kids are not motivated by cutting practice worksheets.

scissor practice with a free printable template for kids

How to Motivate Kids to Practice Cutting

So how do you motivate those struggling kids to work on their scissor skills?  You can provide a variety of exciting materials for cutting practice.  Another idea…..use mini-books for scissor practice.

Mini-Books for Cutting Practice

One of the problems with cutting worksheets is that they aren’t meaningful or motivating to kids.  These mini-books give your kids an opportunity to work on cutting with scissors, and they can create something meaningful….a cute little book.

Using a stapler is a BIG bonus.  Not only does a stapler excite kids, but it’s a great tool to build hand strength.

I have some thematic and alphabet mini books in my store, but you can also use the free template at the end of this article to make your own.

alphabet book scissor practice activity for kids
dinosaur scissor practice activity for kids

An Easy to Prep Activity

Let me show you how to use the free template.

This activity is fun for kids, and it is also easy to prep for you.  All you have to do is print the page and cut it into fourths by cutting on the solid lines.  Now it’s ready for kids to do their thing.

fine motor cutting and stapling activity

Fine Motor Activity for Kids

Provide some fun, motivating stickers.  Show your kids how to add a sticker to each section of the printable.

adding stickers to fine motor books

They can color, draw, or write on the pages.  You can encourage them to draw a circle or square around their favorite sticker.

car sticker and cutting activity for kids

Next, they should cut on the dotted straight lines to cut the pages apart.

scissor practice activity for kids

The cutting is pretty simple for young kids.  They just have to cut two straight lines and all of the pages are ready to go.

cutting practice activity - making a mini book

Finally, kids can assemble the pages.  Show them that the page with the staple lines should be on top.  Kids can use those lines as a guide when they staple the pages together.

use a stapler for fine motor activities

Make a Seasonal Cutting Activity

The thing that I love most about the template is that you can adapt it to any theme.  Here, I added Christmas stickers to make a Christmas fine motor activity.

Christmas cutting activity for kids

Just switch up the stickers to create a holiday or spring, summer, fall or winter fine motor activity

Download Free Scissor Practice Printable

Are you ready to make some mini-books with your kids?  I’m happy to send it directly to your inbox.  Just complete the form below to let me know where to send them.

Find Printable Scissor Practice Books in the Store

I also have some fun thematic Cutting Practice Mini-Books in my store.  Click on the image below to check them out.

alphabet cutting practice books
scissor skills mini books
printable scissor practice book activities for kids