How to Make Easter Bunny Juice Boxes with free printable cover


Use these free printable juice box covers to make adorable Easter bunny juice boxes. The juice boxes make a great Easter or Spring-themed snack for preschool, pre-k, toddlers, and kindergarten parties, or put them in a fun bunny-themed Easter treat bag.

Several years ago, I made some Easter Bunny juice boxes for my son’s class as a birthday treat.  I posted some pictures on Pinterest that became quite popular, so I thought I would add a little tutorial to go with the photos.

How to use a free printable bunny juice box cover to make a Easter bunny juice boxes.

I recently noticed that there are many printable bunny juice box covers for sale on Etsy…and many were obviously inspired by mine. But, guess what? There is no need to pay for the printable, because you can still get mine for FREE.

With this free printable bunny juice box wrap, you can transform a drink box into a cute and healthy treat for kids.  You can let your kids help you assemble the fun bunny craft, or you can prepare a bunch of them for a classroom t great or party favor. Prep the activity for a kid’s party or special event, or use this as a craft activity to do with your kids.

What Supplies Do I Need?

I used the following supplies to make the cute Easter bunny juice boxes:

  • juice boxes (save a trip and ship them to yourself)
  • white paper
  • white cardstock
  • cotton balls
  • tape
  • scissors
  • glue gun or glue dots

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supplies need to make Easter bunny juice boxes.  The picture includes printable covers, a glue stick, cotton balls, and scissors.

How to Assemble the Bunny Juice Boxes

The first thing that you need to do is print the wraps and ears.  I printed the bunny juice box cover on plain white paper. I printed the ears on card stock so they would be a little sturdier. 

After printing everything, then you can cut everything out.   I designed the wraps to print 2 per page.  I find that every brand of drink box is a different size,  so you might have to play with them a little bit. With some boxes, you can cut the sheets in half lengthwise and use them, but other brands may require some extra trimming.

Update: I recently added a second version of the juice box wrap that will fit tall, skinny juice boxes better.  Both versions are included in the printable.  Use the one that works best for your juice boxes.

Pull the straws off the juice boxes before you wrap them.  You can tape them back on at the end if you like.  Wrap the paper around the juice box so that the bunny face is centered on the front of the box.  Tape the edge to secure it in place.

wrapping the cover on a juice box to make an Easter bunny juice box.
How to assemble the bunny juice boxes.  The picture show the cover being taped onto a juice box.

After securing the wrap on the juice box,  attach two ears and a cotton ball on the back of each box with hot glue or glue dots.

add cotton ball tails to the back of the bunny juice boxes.

Now you can add the bunny juice boxes to your snack table….perfect for an Easter party or Spring treat.  Cuteness!

Use the free printable juice box covers to make fun Easter bunny juice boxes for Easter treats or parties.

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