Easter Playdough: How to Easily Make a Bunny Invitation to Play


Make the coolest, textured playdough to create a fun invitation to play. Your kids will LOVE this bunny-themed playdough tray for fun Easter playdough activities.

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your Easter or bunny themeHere are some materials and ideas that you can use for engaging Easter playdough activities.

Easter bunny playdough tray - how to create fun Easter playdough activities for preschoolers.

I’m going to start by telling you how to add a fun, unexpected texture to your playdough, then I will give you lots of ideas for a playdough tray.

If your kids can’t share supplies, don’t worry.  You can use the ideas below to create individual playdough kits for your kids.

How to Make Easter Playdough

To begin, I mixed up a batch of my quick playdough recipe.  I was in the mood for pink, so I added pink food coloring.

After preparing the batch of playdough, I added some Easter grass to create a unique texture in the dough. Let your kids help cut up the Easter grass. Not only will they love it, but it is a great way to give them some cutting practice.

cut plastic Easter grass to add to the Easter theme playdough.

After cutting up some grass, it was fun to knead the grass into the dough.

Easter playdough ideas - add the cut Easter grass and add it to pink playdough.

Here are some open-ended questions for your kids as they mix in the grass.

  • What happens when you mixed in the grass?
  • Did you notice any changes in the dough when you added the grass?
  • How did it feel in the beginning?  What do you notice about how it feels now?
  • What happens when you pull the dough apart into two pieces?

Additional Materials for Your Bunny Playdough Tray

Now that your playdough is ready to go, you can dig through your craft and supply closet to find fun items to add to a divided playdough tray.

A divided tray filled with silk flowers, googly eyes,  craft stems, pom-poms, and popsicle sticks for a bunny themed playdough tray.

Here is what I used in my tray:

  • googly eyes
  • silk flowers
  • wooden popsicle sticks and spoons
  • puffballs
  • chenille stems
  • Easter egg and flower vase fillers
  • number cards

Here are additional materials that you can add:

  • cotton balls
  • fun straws
  • toothpicks
  • mini erasers
  • plastic bunny figures
  • plastic eggs
Easter playdough activities - a bunny themed playdough tray and a bunny made out of play dough.

Now that you have filled up your tray, you are all set to let your kids get creative.  I hope that you all have fun with your Easter playdough tray.

Additional Bunny Themed Activities

Are you looking for additional bunny themed activities?  The resources below are available in my store.  They can be purchased separately or as part of my Bunny Activities Bundle.

bunny math and literacy activity bundle