How to Get Kids Excited about Learning Letters with a Free Owl Activity


Kids will have fun learning letters in a playful way with this cute owl alphabet matching activity. There are many ways to use the free set to build early literacy skills.

I just realized that I haven’t featured my Owl Alphabet Matching Activity on this website and I can’t believe it.  When I started learning to design educational activities several years ago, my owl activities were one of my first designs.  They are perfect for fall or any time of the year.

Owl alphabet learning letters activity.

I have memories of working at the kitchen table on the computer during the summer and getting feedback from my little boy as I created.  That little boy is now almost as big as me, and I now have this website where I share my activities with people all over the world.

Because the owls were kind of the start of it all, the owl image has a special place in my heart.  I wear an owl charm on my necklace, I have some owl artwork hanging in my office,  and I have even used an owl image as the logo for my website and store.

An owl alphabet letter learning activity.

Today I want to share my owl letter match with you.  It has been updated several times over the years, but it is still a sweet activity that your little ones will enjoy.

What is Included?

The printable includes 4 full-page game boards and a set of uppercase and lowercase letters.

4 full game boards are included in this owl alphabet learning letters game.

Letter Recognition

Use the owl letter activity to help kids begin to recognize the unique shape of each letter.  They can match uppercase to uppercase letters.

Owl alphabet letter learning activity.

Matching Lowercase to Uppercase

Kids can also match lowercase letters to uppercase letters.  They will enjoy flying the baby owl and sitting it beside the Mommy owl.

Match uppercase and lowercase letters with your owl learning letters activity.

Alphabet Game

Because there are 4 unique game boards, you can play a matching game with 2-4 players.  Spread a set of babies face down in the middle of the table.  Kids can take turns selecting a card, naming the letter on the card, and finding the matching Mommy owl.

A matching letter game with your owl letter learning activity game.

A Playful Way to Practice Letter Sounds

As kids “fly” their baby owls to their mother, they can also pretend that the baby owls are crying.  Each little owl’s cry is the same sound as the letter on its chest.

Get Your Free Alphabet Printable

If you are ready to work on learning letters with this cute owl printable, the activity is listed as a freebie in my TPT store.  To get your copy of the alphabet activity, click on the link below:

Owl Alphabet Matching Activity

I hope that you enjoy using this activity with your kids.  If you love owls, I also have a few more owl activities in the store.  Click on the images below to check them out.